HomeDiscussion Forumare we all part of a universal consciousness/awareness?

are we all part of a universal consciousness/awareness?

call it god or what you will! but are we part of this undefinable form of energy a infinite consciousness?? and is this the source from were our awareness of ourselves comes from?


  1. I don’t think so. Our awareness is the result of the conversation our organ colonies keep going within the body including our sensory organs. We are connected like logs are connected when floating down stream, by the water.

  2. u bet we are. one thought, a thought even before ur birth, even before u were born. on the day u were born, lets say fer example january 1 , 1980??? on that day there was only to be one of you to be. sure there were others besides u being born that day. but i say again only one of u was born, not two. one mind, one soul. even before u were born. or lets say noah. all of us were a thought in the mind of god. when we were to be born and where and to whom. because like the bible says, “i am the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end.” only god knows when we are to expire. he was, is and still to come.

  3. A while ago someone asked a Q about the relationship between individuality and happiness. This is a similar Q about the ralationship between individuality and collective.
    There is simply no way you can be an individual if you’re not in the collective.
    I’m sure you’re as different as everyone else, meaning, the same way you see others, others see you and also If you look at the colective, you’ll see yourself.
    Imagine you’re completely alone on this planet. What would you do?
    Another awesome Q. Thank you!

  4. Yes, actually, especially in the eyes of Far Eastern and Hindu/Vedic thought. Why not review the approaches taken by tibetan buddhism, taoism, shinto and hinduism. You will be pleasantly suprised at the enormous amount of wisdom that awaits you. For a helpful “experiential” beginning to what they are really all about, especially in their *esoteric aspects*, see http://www.sahajayoga.com and navigate through, and do the “processes”. Quite eye opening, especially compared to the vast wasteland offered to the masses, popularly, in the West. Good luck in your researches 😉 btw, if you’d like to read something that truly is indicative of what christianity was meant to be, see: *Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ*.

  5. Yes, we are part of the universal truth of a bunch of atoms jigging around. God or any other supernatural deity has nothing to do with it


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