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Are we all part of a universal consciousness that ultimately combined form God?

In other words, do we live in and make up God’s imagination?
Dsgc05, thats excactly what I’m asking. Is the universe not just all of our imaginations and in our heads there are more smaller universes and so on?


  1. Good question and the answer is simple and found in the Bible. God made the first man and woman-Adam and Eve. He also made the animals and the heaven and the earth.

  2. Why does everything have to revolve around god? Do you think the little people in your head that you dream up have feelings? Come to think of it, what if we are really someones imagination? That means there really is more than one god because every “god like being” has beings like us.

  3. I think this is open to individual interpretation. I tend to think that collectively, we as a whole make up a greater state of being, which is termed “God.”

  4. Anything is possible.
    1. Many scientists actually look for gods face in the telescope. I think one scientist found the mathmatical equation to locate God in outter space. Even Albert Einstein claimed that the more he studies science, the more probable the existance of God was. Scientists can look to infinity while viewing the stars and scientists can look to infinity through a magnifying glass. So, yes, again there is no evidence to disprove you’re theory of all that we see forming the body of God.
    2. The Bible states that man was created in God’s image. However, the Bible is non-specific on if the dimentions of God match exactly the dimentions of Adam…so, if God is infinantly huge he could create an infinantly small Adam in his cells … causing us to be just part of God’s body … Another big part of the Bible is that the Church make up the body of Christ. So again, the Bible is not disputing your theory that we may be just a part of God’s body … in fact the Bible strongly suggests this.
    In short, anything is possible.


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