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are thought waves transmitted outside of the brain? and if so, are they received by the sub-conscious mind?

i had a philosophy teacher many years ago that believed that brain waves were infinite, just like sound, radio, water waves are, and they were capable of being received by the subconscious brain of other humans, he believed that some people were more able to receive these waves than others and that would explain people like savants who, though incapable of functioning on an intellectual level could sit down at a piano for example and play beethoven. It was an interesting theory and there is more to it, but i am wondering if anybody else has heard or thought about it..would this explain “deja vu”? in other words when deja vu occurs is it not something “we” experienced, but something somebody else did but we are seeing their experience with our subconscious minds?….


  1. Look up Duke University and in particular a book called “The Reach of the Mind” by J. B. Rhine. This was the first scientific research (or at least one of the first) into the possibility of extra-sensory perception, and it’s interesting, if inconclusive.
    There is no hard evidence suggesting that brain waves are infinite (and of course the waves you suggest are not “infinite” either; any wave form degrades significantly over distance, which is why the light of the star Antares isn’t brighter than the Sun). However, recently an electronics lab has developed a computer input device which is worn on the head; with a little training on the user’s part and a little adjustment of the device, it is possible to move a cursor on the screen just by “thinking” it. This is pretty conclusive evidence that brain waves do at least penetrate the skull.
    So here’s a thought — consider the interaction between one of these “mouse caps,” if you will, with cellular technology. Forget about texting your friends during class — my youngest kid, age 10, will be told by HIS college professors that they are forbidden to THINK messages to their classmates.
    The question then becomes, how will these messages be received? I can design the basic components of a way to “think” messages — mouse cap, keyboard graphics, a Perl script that puts the letters in order in a typein box, and a Submit button that sends the message to the user-specified email/phone number. Give me a mouse cap and a day and a half and I’ll rig one up for you. But you’d still have to log in to your email and read it, because the mouse cap only goes one way.
    So… consider a mouse cap with inbound transmitters as well as receivers, one which could apply direct stimulation to the brain.
    If nothing else, we’d need some SERIOUS butt-kicking spam traps… 🙂

  2. Yes they are.
    The truer they are on the most levels, the less resistence or static they have and the further they fly.
    They can be acknowledged or ignored by the subconcious, the simplest truest are the clearest, conjuctions, hyphenations and bullshit doesn’t go very far but simple truth has no boundries.

  3. “Hey bejabbers2003, yours is a truly sophisticated question. Why? Some of the best minds think it could be possible!
    I first ran accross this idea when I was about 30. I searched Freud’s lair for answers since he was the one who introduced us to the “Dynamic Unconscious.” For the most part, his unconscious constructs (there were three) had no alternatives for there existence except for the “Descriptive Unconscious,” which referred to all those features of mental life of which we are not subjectively aware.
    At this point I’ll attempt to offer your (and my) option for these subjects which we are not subjectively aware. Unconscious to Unconscious communication could readily exist; however, we would only have the Unconscious levels aware of this inter-communication. Apparently, the knowledge we impart to each other, unconsciously, may be laced with pain and shock because it remains, for most of us, an unconscious commune too abhorrent to elevate to the conscious levels. No two humans are the same. Each of us have lesser, equal or greater abilities to move this “unconscious communication” to a conscious level without the abhorrent parts overcoming it.
    Ever been around a few of these people that seem “scary” to be around? We may get two forms of communication from them instead of one. They may “look scary,” but, often you might get a “feeling” that something isn’t right between the two of you. Perhaps, there is also the transfer of “unconscious” speech in a lower or barely detectible brain wave recognizable only to the unconscious of each of us. It seems that through good friendship with others there are “feelings” between you. These “feelings” (very small electircal impulse too small to register on the conscious) may be the outcomes of the unconscious communiques between you. Everything stays below the levels of awareness, except to the few who seem to get more from the intervals of awareness, from other’s signals, in the “deja vu’ areas.
    At this point, I introduce a “skeptics dilemma” of sorts.
    Since it has been proven, beyond doubt, that our thoughts generate a significant electrical charge. It can even be measured.
    What if it is by design? What if there is a being that records every single thought (signal) we create? Even we, small as we are, can wirelessly intercept signals given off by our own creation, the computer. We can actually record and read the impulses given off by our computers … every bit. Is it too far away from the reality that some “creator” can do the same if we are his/her creations? That would explain the biblical contention that good and pious behavior is rewarded and bad behavior is punished … a celestial being might easily be capable of this …easily capable; after all, it might be that he/she created us … using evolution and natural selection in the process after the template is initiated at the beginning.
    It could also explain the prophets. Take Samuel, as an example, the prophet of the Israelites. It’s written that he could speak with G-d to guide the Army and the people. It doesn’t seem far fetched, at all, that he could be “programmed” through his special genetic code to act on behalf of the Jews. The only existing problem in that area is that there are no more Samuels in the world today, that I’m aware of.
    Well, I got my two cents into your inquiry. Hope you don’t mind.”

  4. I think your philosophy teacher didn’t know what he was talking about — he’s certainly no expert in psychology or study of the brain.
    What are “brain waves”? Sounds like sci-fi, rather than legit science to me.
    He couldn’t explain the phenomenon, so heard or invented a wacky explanation. Part of the mistake is assuming that musical ability and, for example, verbal ability are all a single thing.
    The explanation doesn’t fit the facts, as such people have to hear a particular composition to play it — and those around them don’t need to be able to play it themselves, or have any musical ability.
    I’m assuming here, that part of the theory has to do with people being able to “sense what others are feeling” and so on. (I suspect your teacher came of age in or near the 60’s, as the line of reasoning sounds familiar.)
    Some people are good at reading subtle cues of other people — interpreting their body language, tone of voice, eye movements, and expressions. That doesn’t mean they are getting “brain waves” from others.
    As for deja vu, that’s a phenomenon that’s currently under study. I recently read that one study suggests that the feeling is due to a miscue in our recognition ability. Something makes the “I know this” part of our brain to mis-fire, giving us this feeling, when we really haven’t “been that, done there” before.
    That may not be the definitive answer to that particular puzzle, but that doesn’t mean that we have to invoke some form of psychic ability to explain it.


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