Home Discussion Forum Are those of you that cannot see or sense auras spiritually stunted?

Are those of you that cannot see or sense auras spiritually stunted?

Is it true that many of you can and won’t accept that part of yourself because you are afraid of the responsibility of it?
(standing firm, ready for the insults)
Thanks for your thoughtful response.


  1. We all have different spiritual paths, some see more than others, but that does not mean that they are spiritually stunted. I hope you don’t get any insults!

  2. No, it’s just that what you call detecting auras I call using my instincts. You like to label something that comes perfectly natural to most people spiritual because, well, I don’t know why you do that. Apparently natural instinct isn’t a cool enough term or something.

  3. We could be. I have heard of a great many wondrous things which I haven’t experienced yet but that doesn’t make them false. I’m open for anything since I believe that there’s far more in this multiverse than I know of. The only thing I seek though is love for my fellow Earthlings.

  4. Well now, I can see auras but to call others that can’t see them stunted just seems wrong…because it is putting yourself higher than everyone else…and that is not spiritually advanced…
    I think most people DO NOT WANT to see them…it is disturbing to them…

  5. I don’t think that seeing or sensing auras is a real necessity in terms of spiritual dvelopement. Experience of god and the eternal lies outside the senses and yet it seems you imply that those who cannot experience an ‘aura’ are spiritually stunted. Being spiritual is about commpassion, balance, goodwill and love for all….not just being able to see a colour around someone that everyone else can’t..Spiritual mumbo.
    I do agree though that a lot of people are scared to open up the spiritual side of themelves…it is about trully facing the reality of our existance, the non-self …
    ‘To have confidence without ego is to have found the river of the eternal…’

  6. I don’t think I have to see with my eyes all the time. I see things that others dont, but they are not physical so they are not seen with the eyes.
    I can feel a vibe from every person I meet, but I don’t need to see an aura to be spiritual.
    I think it’s cool that some people use their eyes(auras) and some people use other senses like feeling or a six sense.

  7. No, not everyone can see auras. I personally haven’t been able to see color in them. I think it has to do with what we expect to see. Like, we are told we can’t see something that isn’t there. Really we’ve just been told to close that part of ourselves down. Just like psychic abilities. Children are more open to it until they are told it’s not possible.


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