Are these two not supposed to be basically the same?





I feel more of the Natural-ness of Lau Tzu’s Tao than the Enlightenment of Zen what does this mean?


  1. Probably the person who wrote that is less into the philosophy of spirituality than they are into just being.
    Its not a great quote. This person probably thinks that enlightenment is a philosophy, or something that a person knows. It seems to me that enlightenment is giving up on spiritual ambitions, through practice.
    Maybe I am completely wrong.

  2. Eastern mystical philosophy is difficult for the Western mind to grasp. I don’t even try. The world that Aristotle and Plato gave us is the world I live in. And Westerners and Easterners can communicate–I mean look at the “communication” China did at the Olympic Opening Ceremonies! Wonderful.
    So I just stick to Western philo unless something specific comes up that I need to understand.

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