Home Discussion Forum Are these two not supposed to be basically the same?

Are these two not supposed to be basically the same?

I feel more of the Natural-ness of Lau Tzu’s Tao than the Enlightenment of Zen what does this mean?


  1. Eastern mystical philosophy is difficult for the Western mind to grasp. I don’t even try. The world that Aristotle and Plato gave us is the world I live in. And Westerners and Easterners can communicate–I mean look at the “communication” China did at the Olympic Opening Ceremonies! Wonderful.
    So I just stick to Western philo unless something specific comes up that I need to understand.

  2. Probably the person who wrote that is less into the philosophy of spirituality than they are into just being.
    Its not a great quote. This person probably thinks that enlightenment is a philosophy, or something that a person knows. It seems to me that enlightenment is giving up on spiritual ambitions, through practice.
    Maybe I am completely wrong.


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