Are there women who give MORE than they take in bed?






Are there women who desire men just as men desire them?
Are there women who give an equal amount of foreplay?
Are there women who give as much pleasure as they take and bring their men to multiple orgasms through prostate stimulation and tantra?
Are there women who don’t put their pleasure first or does the woman’s pleasure always come first?
Are there women who intiate sex as much as their man intiates?
Are there women who do as much work during sex as the man? Do they work even when a man is on top the way a man would work when a woman is on top?
Are there women who fulfill their men’s fantasies just as much as he fulfills theirs?
Are there women who don’t use sex as a control mechanism?


  1. i actually have always given a man more pleasure because 1) i love doing it and 2) its really hard to make me orgasm which i HATE

  2. of course. i’m one and have many friends like this. i am a modern woman and i think you should balance. sometimes you do the intiating and sometimes he does, sometimes you do the work, sometimes he does sometimes you share it. you’ve got to change it all around and keep it fresh

  3. Yes…to all of your questions. I find the opposite to be true. You need to find the right partner that is a PARTNER…in all things. Marriage is not one sided…and neither should the act of making love be.

  4. Yes.
    Most is true for me – My fiance says I am the only women he’s ever slept with that seems genuinely interested in sex, genuinely enjoys sex, and, even when I try (say I’m acting mad at him) I can’t just ‘lay there and take it’
    However – he does NOT want anything to do with prostate stimulation. Refuses. Which, is fine by me.
    We have an AMAZING sex life.
    ..And he claims I’m “kinky” because of it.. I think I’m just letting him know I enjoy it (and I usually apologize for the scratches I leave…) I think I just know what I want, what he wants, and how to get the job done as quickly or slowly as I want.

  5. There are women with the equal desires of men and know how to please a man. But, most important of all is your last question. Do women use sex as a control mechanism? Hell yes they do ! Most women are hookers, an illustration of which is, they want a new washing machine and you say “NO” that night you will not get any nooky !

  6. Buddy, you’ve got issues!
    I detect a strong misogynistic tone to your questions. If you feel women are insufficient lovers, why not try having a few sexual encounters with men. Without a doubt, you’ll get plenty of prostate stimulation. Come back after you’re done and let us know whether men are as giving lovers after you’ve put yourself in a woman’s place. The very idea that men are so much more giving sexually sounds pretty gay to me.

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