Are there such things as "angels", "kindred spirits", "auras", "protectors". Does someone really watch out 4 u?

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I remember my grandmother telling me that when she was younger she had Rheumatic fever and was close to dying, when all of a sudden she said she heard and saw beautiful angels, within days she was well again. Maybe she was just hallucinating, or maybe…….?
Have you ever had any moments where you felt some kind of “unseen force” protected you from harm or got you out of a jam? Where a wonderful aura interceded and rescued you?

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Have a dog biscuit!

Its all a load of crap.

oge retlA s'oge retlA yM

nooooooooooooo… no.


No one protects me like duct tape!

God's servant

only angels exist
not any of the others you mentioned
yes i had a angel stop me from getting killed


Everyone has a Guardian Angel

zee zee

yes…. but the ‘aura’ is yours

Shaman Val

Aura = your electro magnetic energy field. Every living thing has one.
Guardian angels. = your connection to the whole via quantum entanglement.
Spirits = all things have their own unique spirit, the nature of the beast.
It depends on your culture as to what labels you put on these things. If you are religious rather than spiritual it is directed towards an impossible narcissistic schizophrenic giant invisible sky fairy waving a magic wand. 🙂
Practicing Shaman… quantum physics rocks


Yes. God watches out for us and God sets angels over us for protection. Angels intervene on a daily basis in our lives, because God loves us. Before I can say help an angel can fly 7 times around the earth.


Yes, even before I was saved; God protected me even when I should not have gotten a break. He knew I was gonna get to know Him, I guess and He kept the road smooth to get to Him. Example: Once I was stopped by traffic cop and I had a beer in the cup holder an ‘ounce’ in the seat beside me. He shined his flashlight inside my car and then he wished me a good night and let me go. Lots of mercies like that were shown to me and I look now every day for ways to say thanks to God for them. Most of all, I thank Him that He removed me from destructive things in my life and gave me a new life on earth as well as eternal life. I know we are assigned angels (ministering spirits) when we trust Christ; but I think mine helped me get TO Christ as well.


I think you are confusing your beyond-the-natural philosophies. Auras are not really beings or things but a manifestation of energy similar to light coming off of a light bulb. Some new research says that people can see the electro-magnetic field that surrounds a person under certain circumstances but this is very different from reading an aura and telling someone they are sick or evil or pure. Angels are religious beings that are supposed to be messengers from god or God and are found in most cultures. They are not former humans. Kindred spirits, ascended master or protectors are usually described as humans or aliens that have evolved or matured and have come back around to guide or watch over us as a race. People like to think of guardian angels as angels sent by god or God to watch over specific human beings but this is a warping of a biblical idea and is pretty much a man-made creation.
Does someone really watch out for you? The depends- who are you asking? Where do you get your authoritative information from? An atheist would say no. A Chrisitian would say yes – it’s the God of the unviverse. A New Ager would say – possibly, if you attract white light and goodness to you. A Hindu would say you are asking the wrong question.


There have been moments in my life where I felt certain of these things …
I was an atheist for 30 years, and during that time, there were several incidents that went so far beyond coincidence that it seemed divine intervention could be the only possible explanation. The most notable incidents involve my children. In the first, a woman whom I had not met previously offered to pray for my toddler son after his doctors had said they could do no more. Unbelievably, he was healed immediately. He had been plagued by night terrors for over a year, and after this woman prayed, his torment ceased. He never had another night terror. Not one.
In the second incident, I had a strong feeling that one of my mother’s pine trees would fall upon the sandbox where my children played. It was almost as if someone whispered urgently into my ear that the tree would fall. Several hours later a storm blew in. When it was over, the top 20 feet of that tree was in the sandbox. Coincidence?
For another 15 years I remained an atheist. Occasionally, I would question these things, and over time I came to believe that “the intercessor” was an angel. I held this belief that I could be an atheist yet believe in angels until asked, “If she was an angel, who sent her?” I had no answer. It was then that I explored further, eventually gave up atheism, and became a believer.
Yes, I do feel certain that we are not alone in this world, and that sometimes — when our needs are great and things are not going according to plan — there is someone with us who steps in on our behalf. Who this someone is depends entirely upon your personal beliefs.


Yes these entities you mention are very real. I was a security guard in an inner city apartment complex last summer. The drug dealers and the bloods wanted me dead. Being a Wiccan witch, I called upon the God and the Goddess and the Elementals (Watchers/Ancient Ones of the four cardinal Directions) to protect me. I worked there almost every night for four months. On one occasion one of the Bloods, a really big mean dude, followed me as I walked home from my shift at three oclock in the morning. Mind you, I am an unarmed guard. He came close to me and was obviously being deliberately beligerent and then all of a sudden, his whole demeanor changed as if this great big thug was a frightened child and he crossed the street and walked away from me fast. I could make him out in the street light as it was 5:00am. I only saw him. The bloods and the drug dealers didn’t bother me at all after that.
I would call upon the God and the Goddess and the Elementals every night I was there.
So, yes, they will watch out for you, but you have to ask them.
Blessed Be


I am an angel feather,
sent from God above,
to serve as a reminder,
of his most gracious love.
It’s from your guardian angel,
that God himself assigned to you,
And fell out in his struggles,
as he protected you.
Each time you almost stumble,
Each time you nearly fall,
Remember to,
Thank God and his angels,
for answering your call.
Apostolic Believer In One God, Jesus

cloud 9 angel 4^[]^4

I had so many close calls but I was saved by miracles the first incident I had was when I was 5 years old I went to swim in the river me and my cousin rided on my back we were tricked by this girl who knew how to swim then she threw us off her back and left us to drown because my cousin was on top of my back I couldn’t move when I tried to swim back she squeezed my tighter because we were both drowning I struggle in the water until I felt that someone is shutting down electricity I was scare then I called for help in my mind then suddenly the deeming light changed to a glowing light then I floated and was placed in the save area after that day I had became different sometimes I see or know things that I’m not supposed to and can’t explain.

Christian .

Yes there are angels assigned to at least every saint (true Christian) at least. I’m pretty sure that there are angels who minister to others as well. The angels are our heavenly brethren in the Lord. Each time an angel intercedes in our lives, it is a miracle. It’s too bad we don’t have witness of this though. Many believe that God doesn’t do “miracles” any more. He certainly does, and often. We just aren’t privy to this operating of His providence except through faith, and that through a dark glass.


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