• Fear causes people to do act like wild animals.
    Its one of the most base emotions most closely associated with the the parts of the brain that represent our base instincts…….
    So in a way exercising it (fear) devolves our consciousness from rational thought down to blind fight or flight type reactions.
    (or as occultists might consider it dragging your consciousness down from the mental plane to the lower astral)
    Christianity seems to have embraced fear (or “God Fearing” as they call it) as an innate part of their teachings and most have come to see it as right and good that we should live in fear.
    But as we all know fear brings out the worst in people and so it could be argued that this fear factor is truly satanic.
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    Nah that noise means your hungry dood…..!

  • yes,one who lives in the company one’s mind only does generate negative energy and some animals r senistive enough to pick them up,since living with the company of ur heart will provide u elfa waves,thus positive vibrations will provide pleasure to everybody who so ever come them across.

  • “Animal Guide?” Umm… no, but I do feel immense dislike or discomfort towards people who seem to radiate negative vibes or energies.

  • There are no Animal Guides…………………

    Insane in the “Membrane” !!!

    Get a life and you won’t need to make up invisible friends.

  • Are there ones who would like to? No doubt. Would they? Probably not – I’d like to think that the world has moved on a little since then.

    Unless, of course, the government starts sanctioning religious persecution again, in which case all bets are off.

  • I don’t think they’ll try to kill you. You should, however, report any threats of violence to your local law enforcement agency.

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