Are there signs of Satan’s influence here ?

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These are what The Buddha is stated to have declared when he attained buddhahood
‘I have been travelling
in the endless journey of sansara,
Non stop and suffering throughout.
I have been searching for the carpenter
Who was building this house.
O carpenter, now I have found you!
The main beam, the rafters, all are now broken.
The house is disintegrated. [the body and the mind]
The thought processes have ceased.
No longer is there craving..’( ane:ka ja:thi sansa:rung ….)
‘Light has dawned
Buddhahood is attained !’

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AH SATAN! Dont touch me down there…

Your Momma

Satan is fictional, so you can put him anywhere you want him


satan sucks

free speech


(JERRY) To The Batpoles

i don’t know all that gibberish up there but …………YES


Satan does not exist.

cool b

Pretty obvious isn’t it.

Proverbs 31 Woman

Uh, in this forum? Yes, the atheists are running amuck and taking over this forum. The devil is behind their evil and deceitful tongues. <><


I wouldnt say so


There is no Satan in Buddhism.


no. since when does Buddha have anything to do with satan at all?


Satan isn’t real, Buddha was a great man your a fool to accuse him of anything

dogpatch USA

I don’t think there is any indication that Buddha ever considered ignorance and wrong thinking of the devil or satanic. these ideas of satan have been inherited by the formal theist three. Jewish.Christian and Muslim faiths. The light has dawned is enlightenment this is what guided Buddha. One can find the light best by reading and thinking on ones own outside the box through testing self proof and disbelief and skepticism to counter the tendency for an uneducated naivety.


Yes, I believe you have it! Signs of Satanic influence!!
God bless!

Bay M

This is a different form of spirituality seeking peace & enlightenment. Similar to Christianity, but different. The part about the carpenter is not referring to Jesus. Freedom of religion without persecution, Ok.

Atheistic Astrologer #2

Buddha was a sun god just like jesus. gigs up.

Darin H

Why is it redacted?


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