HomeDiscussion ForumAre there scientific proofs about TELEPATHY?

Are there scientific proofs about TELEPATHY?

Have you ever experienced it yourself?


  1. No but anything is possible. A man named James Randi has offered up a one million dollar challenge to anyone who can prove “under proper observing conditions, evidence of any paranormal, supernatural, or occult power or event.”

  2. I have experience it many times with a guy I am really conected with….As soon as I thought about him he would ring…if i was upset and called out his name he would ring and ask if I was ok..
    weird hey….I didnt believe it until it happened….You have to both feel the conection and believe….

  3. yeah if u r really connected to somebody very closely u ll definitely experience it any close friend or for the matter anyone with whom your mental wavelength matches i have experienced it myself. there r few such very close people in my life whenever i think of them or whenever i m depressed 99.99% of the times i get a ring from them

  4. Apart from the fact that I have experienced it myself a few times- Scientific agencies like NASA and the US defence establishment has used telepathy for spying etc and have been very successful too.
    This month’s issue to Redear’s Digest Magazine carries a book section about a person who used telepathy for the US intelligence department.
    U can also check the site http://www.tlrampa.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/Research_Material.htm
    to find some interesting books on telepathy and related matters.

  5. Scientists have discovered that, if humans used more of their brains, telepathy could be possible. The concept has taken a hold on modern fiction, and that is why it is so popular.
    I myself have never had an experience with telepathy, but I have heard many accounts of it. Even of people using this ability for spying techniques.

  6. The only really scientific studies of telepathy have
    resulted in DISproof. Many people have tried to
    gain the million dollars offered by James Randi,
    mentioned in one of the other answers. No one
    has succeeded. Apparent instances of telepathy
    like those mentioned by other answerers are no
    doubt the result either of coincidence or of their
    responding to subtle clues they didn’t realize they
    had noticed.

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