Are there psychiatrists who do more behavioral modification therapy than medication therapy?





I’m thinking about becoming a psychiatrist, but I was wondering if psychiatrists mostly just diagnose and prescribe medication for mental illnesses, or if they work more with talk therapy and behavioral modification — or would that just be up to a psychologist? I would really like to do therapy, but with more emphasis on behavioral modification and take time to help them work through problems, while being more on the frugal side with medication.


  1. Well, I am sure there is nothing preventing you from taking some courses and study on behavioural modifications in addition to being a psychiatrist. As a psychiatrist you can be a therapist too and you can incorporate that extra study into your practice.

  2. Psychologist girl, I told you that in my last answer to your question before this. You would be much more rewarded in that field than the paycheck of a Psychiatrist.. Good Luck

  3. actually when I was smaller I got into problems and I heard that my psychatrist’s first priority was to edit and or improve my behavior, sticking me on meds was a last resort. She said that a boy with my same problem went to a medication obsessed psychiatrist and ended up on 7 pills where as I took a longer amount of time and ended up with 2. So both areas are evenly important but if you like, A behavioral area speacialist would be a first and profround step.

  4. I think what you are describing would be more along the lines of a psychologist. Most psychiatrists just hand out meds.

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