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Are there negative energies in my home?

Okay, I know this wont go over very well with most people but I have a serious problem. My family and I have moved to a new home about 6 months ago. Since then, we’ve all changed. My husband and I argue alot, (we never have before after 13 years together) We’re all plagued with negative thoughts and feelings. Our cars constantly need repair, they’re are cold spots in the house (we live in the deep south, its summer time) Some of our friends act weird here (hateful and rude when they’re usually easy going when we’re elsewhere. ) My son won’t sleep in his room because he has nightmares.
Before we bought our home, a crew had to come in to repair all the holes in the walls where the people who lived here before fought all the time and punched holes in them. The carpets had burn holes where they tried to burn the house down.
Could their negative energies have stayed behind? or I’m I just being silly. I’m looking for a Pagan perspective as well as all others. Thanks!


  1. It’s possible. I’m an agnostic, so then again, I believe most anything is possible.
    If you want to try clearing the negative energies of your home, I have heard of some techniques. First, scrub the entire thing from top to bottom. I suggest burning candles rather than using electric light while doing so. Since you mention being pagan, it wouldn’t hurt to try a banishing spell, or some sort of ward. Sit in a quiet and clean spot and meditate on clear light for a while. Picture this light enveloping your house as a sort of protection. Continue until you feel you are finished.
    Maybe even consider some feng shui?

  2. I believe it is possible. I had a lot of stuff going for me until I moved recently, also. Now it seems nothing is going right. As soon as I get one challenge resolved I’m faced with another one. I know we face challenges everyday. It just seems they’ve been more difficult lately. So, yes, I have asked the same thing “Negative Energy”?
    Good Luck

  3. I really do not know if you truly believe this but since you are asking and there might be no harm trying, why don’t you consult a priest, a pastor or a Feng Shui consultant about your house.
    First, if you are certain that all the negative things happening within your family only came true when you transferred to that house, then I would recommend that you consult the services of any of the three you think you are comfortable listening to. Of course, there is nothing like your family in unison offer prayers and resolve to do the best of what each can do to live in harmony with one another and not be be influenced by the energies left behind by those who lived there before you.
    There are several disclosures that a realtor oftentimes tell the buyer and that includes a report if the house had been a scene of brutal murder case or haven for drug activities. Some activities like you mentioned sometimes makes the realtor lose a buyer. Since you are already there then there are those three things I mentioned might be able to keep the family back to each other’s care again.

  4. I am pagan and I don’t think you’re being silly at all. It is definitely possible that there is an imprint of violence or possibly just a very negative energy that is in or around your house. Either you need to move, or you can perform an exorcism (don’t scoff, it is done quite often) You can get an Indian medicine man or shaman to perform a cleansing. But it sounds like you have a strong energy there that might need some serious abolishing.
    It may sound extreme but if you don’t take care of it you will be feeling the repercusions for a long time to come.
    You should read Sylvia Browne’s “Adventures of a psychic”. She went through the same exact thing and had to move. She later went back and took care of it. She goes into detail about how you can get this done. Do not let this go for much longer…
    Peace and Blessed be.

  5. it probably just needs cleansed. It doesn’t sound as if you have a poltergeist, if the effect were there before hand, but if your in the Bible Belt, you might not be able to find the help you’ll need.

  6. (I think I saw this movie!J/k)
    You should always perform a cleansing and house blessing before moving into a new house because energy can be left over from the former occupants. Even if you’re not Pagan, you can get a Christian Priest to come bless your home.
    It’s easier to do, of course before you move in, but here’s the basics.
    Open every door and window in the house.
    Wash all the walls, surfaces, windows, etc. with vinegar water with some salt added. You can charge this water overnight by the light of the full moon and/or all day by the light of the sun to increase the positive energy (and thus it’s ability to nullify negative energy). Scrub in a circular motion, clockwise, thinking positive, hopeful, upbeat thoughts. Play some upbeat, happy music while you’re doing this if it helps.
    Bring your broom from your old house and sweep the whole house (even if it’s not dirty) working toward the front door and then sweep everything out the front door. Close all the doors and windows and leave. Take the broom with you and destroy it. Buy a new broom for your new home. Keep it by the door, bristles down. If you don’t have an old broom from your old house, you can use any old broom. But get rid of it after and get a new one.
    The next day come back with a smudge stick or a smudge pot of sage. Stand in the doorway and light your smudge as you introduce yourself to the house. Say your name clearly. Tell the house that you are coming to live there, that you like it, why you chose it to be your home and tell it the names of all the people who are coming to live with you. Smudge the entire house, every closet, every corner, pay special attention to doorways and windows. Pay special attention to cold spots.
    When you’re done smudging, cast a protective circle around the house declaring that no evil will enter. Invite your family’s own dieties to enter also tell the spirits of the place that they are welcome to stay if they will do your family no harm. Set up your home altar (you can move it later) and put out offerings for your deities and the place spirits. If your family is with you, you should all have a picnic in the middle of the livingroom floor and place something from your own plate on the offering dish. Make sure you say that the offerings are just for good, helpful spirits.
    Then move in as usual.
    Once you’re all moved in, you’ll want to establish contact with the place spirits ASAP. They were there first, after all. You can do this through simple meditation. Just announce before you begin that you would like to contact the place spirits.
    Since you are already moved in, you can easily adapt all of these to your situation. First, clean the house really well. Then proceed as above. You also might want to look into some Feng Shui techniques for decorating your house to improve the flow of energy. Also, make sure you have windows and curtains open as much as possible, fresh air and natural sunlight are absolutely necessary for positive energy flow through a building.
    If you are still having trouble, I suggest getting in contact with a professional Priest or Priestess. If you are Christian, you should be able to get your local minister or priest to come bless your house for you.

  7. I can totally relate to this. My family and I are dealing with the same issues. I thought I was going crazy and losing my mind. Since we moved in to this 1/2 house in April my heat went in my car, my transmission started leaking, then my power steering began to leak. Out of the blue my control arm broke into 2, the garage said this was impossible without being in a car accident. My husband has had literally 2 transmissions replaced in his car since we have been here. If our vehicle issues weren’t enough my children have become so cranky and angry all the time,lashing out at each other calling names and hitting each other. My husband and I have been fighting over the smallest things and it get so huge that we literally leave each other for a few weeks, it’s not healthy because before we moved here we hardly fought. A friend of mine believes in all this and said that when she comes here to visit she feels a negative energy,more in my older daughters room. Her room is the coldest in the house,our heat is up to 75 degrees and her room is still freezing, so we bought an electric heater and still freezing in her room,but we can feel the heat coming out of the door. The last time my husband left the house for a few day my daughters and I had harder times sleeping,it felt like someone was in the house waling around,it was cold then hot and nobody changed the heat temp. We ended up giving away our dogs because they started acting badly and wouldn’t listen,on top of barking and whining all the time over nothing,they literally would follow me everywhere I went thru the house,never leaving my side,but towards everyone else they would act annoyed with their presents. This is all new to me,because I was always a believer of “if you cant see it,touch it,feel it or taste it’ it wasn’t real. I don’t believe in ghost, but something is going on in our house. People will have their own opinion about all this happening in your home and others who deal with this, but they shouldn’t say anything till they have experienced it themselves. I was one of those people who thought others dealing with these issues where nuts. So I guess I am nuts now,because I believe a little more now.


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