Home Discussion Forum Are there instruments available that can record/view AURAS?

Are there instruments available that can record/view AURAS?

I believe that a camera was once developed???


  1. lmao thats fake shit. the most u could get is maybe a glare from the sun behind u. auras are the fakest crap anyone could make up and people liek u fall for it No there is no instruments to see ur aura

  2. When asking about Auras under Science be prepared to get answers like these.
    Definition of an Aura
    “An unusual physical sensation that occurs in some people before a seizure occurs. Auras, which vary depending on the individual, can be a strange taste or odor, a tense feeling, or even a sound.”
    The other kind of aura is just an optical illusion. No Magical energy involved.
    If you wish to disagree on this you might as well believe that a Mirage in a desert is also not an optical illusion but a rift in the space time continuum allowing us to see a parallel universe.


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