The missus wants a yoga mat for Christmas. Not surprisingly I know nothing about such commodities.

Can you get good or bad yoga mats, or are they all basically the same? If the former, can anyone recommend a really good one. The missus is at intermediate level, if that makes any difference.


  • There are no real bad yoga mats, the $8 ones at Marshall’s serves the average yoga student just fine. However, there are better ones, of course.

    If she does Hot Yoga or Bikram Yoga, you’ll want a mat that is better at absorbing sweat. If she’s into environmental stuff there are more environmentally friendly mats. There are also ‘prettier’ mats with decorations on them. A company like has most of those.

    Personally, I am very fond of my Manduka ‘travel’ mat. The ‘travel’ is a bit of a joke, because it’s about 3 times as heavy as a regular yoga mat and twice as big when rolled up (but it’s lighter than their regular black mat which is even thicker). It’s a lot more solid than most yoga mats and doesn’t move when I jump. Doing yoga 12 to 15 hours a week, I used to wear out 2 to 3 generic yoga mats a year, this one has lasted me a year so far and shows no signs of wear at all. If you’re looking for top of the line, Manduka is a good choice.

  • i dont know but if she has problems with her back or anything like that, you could get a thicker one, which would be better for her when she’s lyin on the floor.

  • I don’t think there’s really a good or bad one. Just try to stay middle of the line as far as price goes. But, they’re basically all the same. Just make sure it’s no-slip and a bit cushiony, and it’ll be fine.

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