Are there degrees of consciousness, or is it black and white? ?

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Is a bee less conscious than you? A tick? A bacterium? How about a plant or a rock? What would it mean to be MORE conscious than you are?

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of course
I would love to be more conscious but sadly I only have a human brain


Consciousness is awareness. Yes, a tick or a bee is less conscious than I am because it has less awareness. And there are beings more conscious than myself. Angels come to mind, and of course, God, because they possess far greater awareness than I do.

I don't know

I don’t know. I sometimes have trouble trying to find the real difference between me and a soda can.
I mean, I feel as though I’m conscious and I make choices, but it seems to be just machinery. Not the sort of machinery we can understand, as we are the machine trying to understand itself.
Edit: I’m very “black and white” thinking. I realize that no amount of any kind of thinking will encapsulate reality. It is what it is and it is no word or set of words. I’ve heard that 98% of the brain’s functioning is subconscious. I don’t know where or how the draw they line. We make arbitrary lines, at least they seem arbitrary concerning “reality.” They are useful to us. How conscious is a tick, how do we quantify it? In neurons?


Degrees. Most things are measured in shades of gray rather than being strictly black and white (IMO).


i don’t think anything is absolutely black and white!
to be more conscious that you are, would be to be more aware of things that are going on around you.


Yes, I think there are many levels of consciousness.

Chris H

There are degrees of consciousness. There is nothing more conscious than the human being. Some human beings are less conscious than others, due to the fact that they follow religion more than their own will, but still.
The higher level of consciousness you have, the more you control your actions. i.e we have a higher level of consciousness than, say, a lion, because lions completely follow their instincts. However, a lion has a higher level of consciousness than a bee, because lions can choose their prey. They choose what they assume is the weakest in a herd. Bees go out to get pollen, but they don’t pick and choose the flowers, they land in the first one they see.


Whatever those things can be conscious of, they can’t make judgements about what they are conscious of, meaning they can truly know some things but they can’t know that something is true. See the difference. Truth is a result of judgment. It adds to consciousness. You look at two roughly equal lenght lines. They can never be exactly equal and they aren’t mathematical lines (which have no thickness). It is judgment that goes from the given data to the part that can only be known by mind. Pure Plato.


There’s a difference between consciousness and awareness. Pretty much all living organisms interact and react with their environment (there have even been studies suggesting such for some plants) which indicates consciousness. Awareness is a far higher threshold, acting from reasoning rather than pure instinct.


Consciousness is an emergent property of a thinking brain most easily understood as an ability to recognize and act on a perceived sense of self and an understanding of being a part from, or different than, everything else. For something to be conscious it must first have a brain. A bacterium cannot be conscious, nor can a plant or a rock. A tick does not have what would typically be called a brain, but rather a relatively simple string of fused nerve ganglia pairs that each control a particular autonomic function which work together in a relatively simple manner. More complex organism have more complex nervous systems and even brains. Humans, the only organisms known to be conscious (there having been no test devised which satisfies scientific rigor or measures consciousness relative to the only certainly conscious organism, humans), apparently have a sufficiently complex nervous system and brain to facilitate consciousness. It is unclear whether consciousness, being emergent, has degrees or if an organism is either conscious or is not. Some tests suggest that other great apes (besides humans), dolphins and pigeons (among others) have at least the apparent ability to recognize themselves to some degree.


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