Are there Christians who believe in the existance of the aura?

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Abundant Love and Blessings 2 U

Well all the saints do have that lil glowy light around their heads.

sudonym x

I do, but the Christian word for it is ‘halo’.

Lucid Freedom

Im not really well versed in an aura. I know in general that it usually holds a color, that color represents something about its owner and it glows around the person but what is it literally? Is it energy, soul, etc?


I always wear my halo when I walk on water don’t you ? and I’m not even Christian !

Dawud Z

There are groups of New Age Christians around. Some of them go to Unity or other Metaphysical churches, others are independent.
But isn’t the halo basically a kind of aura? Its origins are iconographic (and ultimately Persian, I believe) rather than scriptural, but the Bible does have references to people glowing. (Moses on Sinai, Christ on Tabor…)

Mona C

Christians only believe in the existance of God.
The name is Jesus


there are Halo’s as artists depict them and aura’s do exist i believe……but from my experience i only saw it when i was high back when i used to take drugs, true story. but illegal drugs are the enemies tool, some use it to tap into the unseen. but its all the tool of the enemy for you to want some more and to crave for more of it until you ruin your life. some people never go back.


Yes I do, but there are different words for aura.


Ascension in 2012, what will happen to those who are positive and awake?

and what will happen to those who are unaware of it and stay negative and asleep?

Is this world made of matter or something else, perhaps consciousness, and what do you think it is?

--(though many do not realize it, the idea that everything is made of matter, primarily atoms, is only a theory, an assumption. and...

what is chakra meditation?

I have absolutely no clue. Can anyone fill me in? Trinity, Aria - thanks to you both!

will be taking a drug soon?

of a dream like nature. this will not be for fun or entertainment. it is a vision quest, so i can be a viewer...
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