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Are there Christians out there who believe the Bible is not error-proof?

I have been going through a spiritual “awakening” and am a former Baptist Christian. I am just wondering if there are “Christians” out there who believe in Jesus’ teachings but also have an understanding that the Bible is not error-proof. I am also wondering if there are any churches or organizations out there who support this view. I went to a Unitarian church last Sunday but it was the exact ceremony of a Baptist church except they took out “God” and “Jesus” from everythign and didn’t open a Bible. They even had hymnals! It was not what I was looking for, it was exactly what I’m trying to FREE myself from so I would just love to know of people who maybe used to be Christians or even are people who believe that Jesus was who he said he was but perhaps know the religion of Christianity has overshadowed the truth of his teachings. I would love to know if there are other churches or denominations out there like this (and aren’t jaded and bitter Christian haters). Thanks!
I want to clarify that I am looking for people who believe as I’ve said or a church that is open to belief without the doctrinal control of the Bible. If you don’t have something to contribute along those lines, please do not make a personal comment about me or my beliefs or how you believe things are. I’m just trying to find people out there that are like me and hopefully find a church also like that… something free of ceremony and ritual and a place of fellowship, love, community, living… that sort of thing. This Unitarian church was almost exactly what I was looking for until they starting singing from hymnals and practicing ceremony almost identical to Southern Baptists. I have a feeling I’m not going to get the answers I’m looking for here but like I said if you have something constructive and intelligent to contribute, please answer.


  1. it’s an unbelievably silly book, but, hard as it is to believe, yes, some people are messed-up enough to think that it is inerrant.
    but, you come to expect that from people who are brainwashed with a cult from birth.

  2. The original manuscripts were perfect.Over the millenias,men have copied them wrong in some spots,but nothing ,no error by a copiest etc has ever changed the meaning,or the message.

  3. According to the gospel of Mary Magdalen, the gospel of Thomas, and the gospel of Phillip, Jesus did not teach about salvation. Jesus was about enlightenment. He said to live our lives in pursuit of knowledge. The second coming is not a apocalyptic event, it is a revelation of knowledge.
    That makes much more sense than this control crap perpetrated by the Catholic church in the 5th century.

  4. Im an ex christian, i couldnt do it anymore, and i live in the bible belt, so I pretty much keep my distance from christians outside the internet, I know i come off as a bitter christian hater, but its because my heritage (Cherokee,Navajo and comanche) was wiped out by christians. I want justice.

  5. I don’t know of a specific denomination that actually admittidly denies the infallibility of the God’s word. There are Christians who are like that though, they are called Liberals and I am not one of them. The Bible itself is the truth and the only parts of Christianity that has overshadowed the truth of Jesus are the parts that are not biblical.

  6. That would make the faith pointless in a way. Are you sure you aren’t just looking for a way out and need something to blame? Sometimes discontentment is Gods way of giving us a nudge to a new church where we need something else to be whole. I would suggest a spirit filled church that is alive and vibrant. All the best in your search for truth.

  7. According to recent polls, 54% of Americans believe that the Bible is LITERALLY TRUE. The same poll suggests that 10% are atheists. That leaves a maximun of 36% of America that might agree with you.
    Actually, that sounds pretty promising for you.

  8. I think that many Christians understand that there are many different interpretations of the Bible. Various translations can make a huge difference in how you understand a passage. It is also important to understand the context of each passage. Good questions to ask are: Who wrote it? Why did they write it? and Who was this written for?
    Once you look at things from that perspective you will find it makes a significant difference in the message. I think that even after you do all of that you may not know the true meaning or God’s will.

  9. The Bible is the Word of God, and contains no mistakes. God can and has protected His Word from mistakes. To think God incapable of that, is to think God has limitations.
    You never were a Christian, you just thought you were. God doesn’t make mistakes by accepting people who will leave Him later in their lives, for being a Christian means a total lifetime committment. You are only fooling yourself.

  10. I’m a Unitarian-Universalist. Our church gets a lot of crossover from Unity; people leave them to join us, leave us to join them. You could try them.
    The Quakers are the ones I’d join if I wasn’t an agnostic.
    Most main-line Protestant churches take a liberal view on the Bible; they accept evolution and chuckle over that table some ancient Jewish king had that was circular, 10 cubits across and 30 cubits around. (Should have been 31 cubits around, plus a couple of fingers; 3.14 and a smidgen cubits, or else it was oval, not a circle.)
    Most churches I’ve visited (and I visited a lot, when I was sesrching) sing, and since most people don’t know all the words, they have hymnals. In my view, having them doesn’t automatically mean the church in question believes every word in the Bible.
    You could either look in the Yellow Pages under “Churches” or Google your town, state and the word “church” to see what’s available in your area.

  11. First, congratulations on recognizing your spiritual awakening; it’s a wonderful first step in realizing you have a personal relation with God that can be independent of churches and so-called inerrant books. Once you realize you are a child of God– that God has given you a discreet portion of his Spirit to bring you close to him– you can begin to develop your own personal religious experience with your Indwelling Spirit; you don’t need a church or a denomination to do that. If you crave group worship, invite your close friends over to worship together as you LIKE; make your worship what you think it should be!
    Yes, of course there are many many thousands of individual religionists who know that Jesus and God the Father are one, and they further recognize this entire planet is a “church” where we may worship him when and as we choose. Good luck with your awakening.

  12. The Bible IS the word of God. And since God is perfect, so is the Bible (ie…no errors).
    The various Christian denominations will not support the “bible may contain errors” view. As far as Christianity overshadowing the truth of Jesus’ teachings…I think you’ll find it is individuals who twist the truth to fit their purposes rather than Christianity as a whole.
    Any religion that claims to be Christian but leaves God and Jesus out of everything is not a Christian religion at all. The same is true if they have their own bible, teach about Jesus teachings but deny that he is the Son of God. Pretty much anything that is against the Holy Bible. The mormon religion (Watchtower/Latter Day Saints) is an example. They have their own Bible and believe that Jesus was a good man, but deny that he is the Son of God. I found out about the mormons from my dad’s boss and someone who gave my mom a mormon bible in attempt to convert her from being Methodist.
    To Born Again Christian…
    >>You never were a Christian, you just thought you were. God doesn’t make mistakes by accepting people who will leave Him later in their lives, for being a Christian means a total lifetime committment. You are only fooling yourself.<< You don't know what is on her heart, but God does. We were not put on this earth to judge (not meaning in a legal sense) each other. The final judgment rests with God. One more thing God doesn't decide who will be a Christian and who won't. In fact He already KNEW who will or won't BEFORE they are born.

  13. Plenty of Christians do, but only the ones who haven’t read it. Practical Christians would say “If you examine it closely, you’ll find flaws.”


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