Are there any Zen Buddhism sayings about comparing meditation to a threshold or door?

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Can you attribute that no anyone?
No I was not thinking of Matrix. It is however, interesting to hear of the influence of Zen in the Matrix.
It only is with my understanding of Meditation that it is to lead somewhere. I of course am not a student of Zen. So I don’t know of any connections.

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21st Century Schizoid Man

the door may be open…..but YOU are the one who has to walk through it.


I’ve practiced Zen for 20 years and have never seen any saying that compares meditation to a door, doorway or threshold.
And, it’s highly unlikely that such a quote would exist in the Zen tradition because it would misrepresent the point of Zen meditation.
In Zen, meditation is not “like” anything else. Nor is meditation an expedient means to accomplishing something. The image of meditation as being like a doorway implies that meditation will take you somewhere – or that you will get something from meditation.
However, in Zen, when we meditate, we just meditate. Meditation is simply meditation, just like breathing is simply breathing. Nothing more. (And nothing more is needed.)
Best wishes on your path!


well said p’ang…
i think what you are thinking of is the matrix where morpheus speaks to neo about his path and that morpheus can only show him the door, but neo has to be the one to go through it…
of course the matrix movie was heavily influenced by zen as well as the zen in martial arts- this could add to the confusion.
with that said- tonight feels like a matrix dvd night. 🙂


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