This is the list of stones i have.
Moss Agate
please let me know


  • It really doesn’t matter. Stones only have good or bad “energy” or “vibes” based on the information projected into them by the thoughts, feelings, sounds, and actions they’ve observed over time. They’re not unique based on what stone they are. What you perceive energy in stones to be is not what you think it is. God designed creation in a way that it should interact with man, and man that our emotion could have the power to affect things, and the way it affects things is that it leaves these impressions in the molecular lever of matter. That’s why crystals give off energy. But in the long run, it really doesn’t matter as far as it affects you. What does matter is your mood, feelings, and emotions, your joy and peace. The only way to stay positive all the time and to have the good energy you’re looking for is to believe on Jesus Christ as the sacrifice for your sins and call on Him as Lord. He created all this stuff, anyways, so He’s a neat dude to know.

  • spend a little time alone with each stone until you can sense the energy that it emits. Once you have done with all of them you will have a sense of which ones will work together better than others. the energy of stones can be very personal so a combination that is comfortable for you might not wor for someone else.

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