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Are there any SPECIAL "places" where aloofness comes to you; feel indifferent; spiritual consciousness awakens?

Or do you believe in that NO places have such magic indeed?
[p.s. I’ll select the best answer if I get one that suits my philosophy, please.]


  1. No.Everything is just a state of mind.If you go somewhere quiet,your state of mind will change,and different feelings will come over you!

  2. Aloofness can come to you anywhere, anytime especially if your the type of person who can go into a daydream easily. Its very much like meditation but your doing it unconsciously.
    Every place has a magic but some have more than others. If your spiritual insight is opening thats cool. You can find your special place to meditate or go off into aloofness as you call it and enjoy your experience.
    Everyone is spiritual but not everyone is aware, spiritual experiences happen to everyone but not everyone is aware of that either.

  3. I don’t think a certain “place” could be something special one to let one feel aloofness, indifferent or to raise spiritual consciousness. Think about the Mosque or Mazaar where many Muslims get the so-called feelings, whereas the place adds nothing to another Believer! Same way, forest of your location might not bring any changes to me, whereas a certain forest brings some special feelings to me! One more interesting metal situation happens to me—-no Church, Mosque, Mandir or any religious-places make me spiritually conscious but a simple river with its exceptional flowing, a simple bird’s activities, a simple person’s behavior bring spiritual consciousness to me! So, I’m not voting in favor of any certain place that could be magical the way you mentioned. thanks for an interesting question.

  4. Yes, there are some special places where one gets aloofness, feel indifferent & sometimes spiritual consciousness comes. And that’s the magic of those special places. When I did visited Dakshineshwar Mandir, a certain feeling came to me; when again I visited Ajmeer Sharif, another feeling came to me; when even I visit the backyard of my village home, a very special aloofness comes to me! All these places have their individual magics to make my feelings changed!


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