are there any similarities between the teachings of jesus and the Tao Te Ching?

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Misses M

not really.

Martin Eisenstadt

The Tao taught about mysticism and benevolent dictators.
Jesus taught about love and rendering unto Caesar.
I would say Tao is more similar to Paul.


The one thing they all have in common is Love. 🙂

( ^ __ ^ )



Jesus taught non-resistance. Lao Tzu taught non-resistance. i’d say that is a similiarity.


There are lots of superficial similarities of the teaching of Jesus to lots of things.


yes, let each be what they may…life will unfold despite of our prejudices (something which still escapes your feeble mind)
Jesus is capitalized skipper, just as is “Poofter”…
Tao Te Ching is NOT a person, you drool… Dao De Jing was, kind of of, a creation of Lao Tzu… the braying of semi-simians like you never ceases to amaze me… the less you know the more you bray…

hopeof kingdom

No. Do read the Bible.


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