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Are there any shamans or psychics here who are willing to talk with me in private?

I have some matters in my life that need immediate attention.


  1. If there was a psychic here, don’t you think they would have known you were going to post this question, and would’ve already contacted you?

  2. the word shaman has been abused and exploited by sheisty hippy new agers- and in fantasy books by authors like carlos castenada… i wouldnt bet youd find a traditional medicine person surfing the web – if you do… be careful who you trust with your personal problems

  3. Good luck on this, but personally I think this is not a very good place to meet that kind of person. You may have better luck on livejournal.com so that you can read what their beliefs are before you share what is going on with you. Also, a fairy faire, occult shop, or psychic expo (see pathways magazine, or check at a healthfood store in your area for a similar thing) would have people who can help or contact information.

  4. If you really want to talk to a shaman, don’t look for one here. Go to your local Wiccan book store (alternative book stores with crystals in the window) and look for the local coven postings. You should be able to track one down by posting a message on the board there.

  5. Yes, I feel a real heavieness & darkness from you but it is only your fear. You need to stop where you are at & do some deep breathing. This breathe is the spirit that supports you. It is giving you this breathe. The creator of the sky & stars. Yet it is up to you how things go in your life. Start daring to thing of how you really want things to go. I sense tears, sadness. Know that we never lose anyone they are always with us no matter the distance or the transition that we or they make. It is time for you to get on a spiritual path. I suggest you do an internet search for Religious Science or Science of MInd & find a center in your area. Contact me if you can’t find this. You can call & ask them if someone could pray with you…they are not praying to some God out there but they are praying from the spirit we all have within. It is OK to cry & feel sad. You can build a great support goup from the people you meet at the spiritual center. It is not a place of one religion. You can be Catholic, Jewish, Atheist you name it all are one. Everything that is happening now is in perfect right divine order. Also, call World Ministry of Pray look up their number & they will do an affirmative prayer over the phone with you. Get out around these good people so you will benefit from their support. You can call you & they will not tell you what is going to happen in your future they will ask you what you want to happen or just tell them what you would like to happen. They will pray & it is then done….I was just in a situation with my son where he wasn’t sure about taking a job very far away. I didn’t want him to take it. I did not pray that he wouldn’t take it but I prayed that he would have peace, joy, harmony, love all the good there is & that he is guided to make the right chose & that everyone supports him & that his mind is clear, etc. Well, he called somone who is an expert in this area & she told him that it was a
    “no brainer” (which is funny cause prayer is a surrendering) & there were no jobs in his field he had to take the one far away. So he is on his way there now. I am at peace cause I can’t possibly know the future but I do know that he made the best choice. I have been knowing things are harmonius for him & they sure have been that way.


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