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Are there any SCIENTIFIC facts supporting "crystal healing" Scientists & rock specialists help?

Am looking for more homeopathic ways to help heal stress and other problems, many claim some semi precious stones can help do this and more? I want to know if theres any evidence of it being true?
Hi RM ,
Thanks for your answer, but why do they use Lithium so widely then? Or zinc? aren’t these the same lines of things?


  1. No. Nada. Zilch.
    You have to be a nut to believe in crystal healing…but there are plenty of nuts on this board so I will be drowned out presently.

  2. There’s not. Much of the ‘healing power’ of such substances is ascribed to semi-mystical properties, energy fields, psychic powers and the like – all of which there’s no physical evidence exist. Studies by NCCAM debunk these ideas in practice, and their theoretical basis is contradictory to very important tenets of physics – as is homeopathy itself.
    As for the other two substances you’re describing – lithium is not a widely used drug. It’s only indication is for management of bipolar disorder. It is administered as an oral salt. Lithium itself has no biological role in all animals that I’m aware of. It’s pharmacology comes from its similarity to the potassium ion, with subtly different properties. Lithium can interfere with such systems and produces a wide range of effects.The exact mechanism of Lithium’s pharmacology is a matter of great debate. Due to the very simple level it works in the body, it interacts with an enormous range of systems in a variety of ways. Because of this, it’s one of the most unpleasant substances on the planet to take, you lose hair, strain your kidneys, gain weight and can’t get dehydrated while on it. However, it does work very well for for bipolar disorder in most cases. Keep in mind that lithium is administered as a drug, and as a salt. Contact with pure lithium metal would burn or ignite skin, possibly cause an explosion.
    Zinc is an ion with a known biological role. It’s an essential element that is integrated in a wide range of enzymes including the critical zinc-finger ‘motif’ that’s one of the most common in DNA-interacting enzymes. It’s not particularly used in any sort of medical situation except where the diet has been compromised (anorexics and the like). No special healing properties have ever been demonstrated.


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