Are there any Satanist groups in northern Utah who's practice is based on Anton's LaVey's writings?

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I’m looking for a Satanist group in northern Utah who’s practice is based on the principals and models of Anton LaVey. A search of the internet has yielded few results and those results that did turn up have proven themselves posers or just groups of rebellious christian youths.

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Blasphemy 101


Billy M

LaVey is a bone-headed charlatan. He has virtually no followers at present. Ummm – didn’t he die a few years back? No great loss if he did…

Praire Crone

The only suggestion I have is… have you tryed There is a section for local pagan type contacts. I don’t know if Satanists visit that site much but it is worth a try. You will probably have to do a lot of hunting to find a true group. They probably are gun shy about letting others know that they exist. Blessings … Crone


I would imagine not. Satanism is a religion for outstanding intelligent people. Their are few of those in the USA.


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