Home Discussion Forum are there any rituals for getting rid of negative energy?

are there any rituals for getting rid of negative energy?

I would like to do some sort of ritual to get rid of the negative energy associated with an ex boyfriend, and bad experiences from my past. Want to have some sort of meaningful ritual to do, so I can be done with old baggage. I was thinking of having a small fire. are there specific herbs I could burn, perhaps for some kind of purification or to neutralize negativity????


  1. its not actually a ritual, but its more of aromatic therapy/meditation, u have ur favorite scented candle burning, closing ur eyes in the quietest part of the house, u do deep breathing…and cleanse out the negative energy and do positive affirmation….repeatedly, breath out the negative thoughts, inhale in as u say the positive thoughts….

  2. i wouldn’t call something to relieve stress rituals b/c i go through rituals everyday and they cuase me nothing BUT stress. i agree w/ aromatherapy maybe some hot tea?

  3. you have to wait for the full moon at midnight and you have to take a bath with flowers and white candles and you have to prey a little pray that sounds like ooohhhh my almighty god of good things get me rid of this negativiy and you have to say your name and after you have to go out with your broom and you have to broom the entrance of your house 7 times, if works

  4. wrap it and bury it in the ground. Try having a funeral for all the negative experiences you ever had…and bury papers letters pictures and other things you want. You could also burn sage…its an old tradition of american indians to purify and remove bad spirits etc. i am american indian. …….ps. A real binding spell is…writing down a persons mname three times and folding it as tight as you can and then wrap it with some sort of string or thread(ie. bind it) as much as you can . then place it under a bowl or glass of water and leave it there for as long as you like. another spell….on a peice of paper write 3 words repeatedly around in a circle while concentrating heavily on a person until there is no room left…the words should tell what you want. then place the paper folded as tight as you can into a jar of honey and close the lid. on top of this jar place a candle…white for purity and health matters, pink for love, black for bad intent etc……I will state an interesting fact for readers and yourself if you dont already know….spirits and negative miscellaneous things can only see natural light from fire, they cant tell if you have the lights on or not, they always see you in the dark unless you are using a candle or a fire…that is why candles are important in practices of any craft, or removal or negativity it is a signal. anyway try not to do anything inside your house unless you cant help it, wherever you do anyrituals or spells etc.around that specific spot make a circle of salt it is a circle of safety and nothing negative can spread out from that spot. If you have other negative energy issues or worse in your home you can make and unbroken salt circle around your home where possible, after burning sweet grass or sage…burn it before and after .Never try to do anything to remove anything negative by yourself and alone have someone else there during. Never read or say anything related to related to negative energy or worse outloud alone and outside of your purification circle of salt. If you do so the outcome is unknown. I have had years of experience and have a natural ability to have success in many areas of these matters due to my family line and natural gift…I am not psychic and I do not have a degree in parapsychology, I do not practice any of these things any longer due to personal choice.I do not recommend doing anything as an amateur but you can take your own risks if you like. Remember keep your intentions good because there is a 3 fold guarantee that ill intent comes back to you. True practicers do not share deep secrets of crafting with amateurs do to the guarantee. But what I have shared is a couple of well known rituals in this area. It works and it is completely up to yourself whether you want to do anything spiritual or not..if I were you i wouldnt dabble even when it seems harmless or just symbolic, this area must be done in a very careful and prudent manner and should not be taken lightly….if you really need help then by all means go ahead but from experience if you make a mistake or lose your spellcastings there might be consequences. Do not do any of this if you wont see it through, once you open the door to this you cant leave it unfinished or undone. The last spell I did was on my husband who was a wonderful man very loving and attentive, almost perfect,before we moved i did a honey jar spell which was to continue our respect , honor and love and I forgot it and my mother threw it in the dumpster where it broke.(found this out later). My husband became such a polar opposite and became almost evil if you will. This is very true , it was like a light switch. Be careful in matters of love and deceit. I do not care what others say because I know myself and what can happen…this hasnt happened only to myself…there is a long history of spells going wrong or being destroyed. This is why I quit practicing.

  5. This may sound really strange but….
    You need to find something of his (small enough to hold in your hand) and perform a binding spell on his negativity. That’s all you do is start a small fire hold the object in your hand and repeat over and over that you no longer accept whatever feelings you have. Once you feel that you’ve filled the object toss it into the fire. I used this ritual on my mother and her manipulation. IT WORKS!!! Your basically pouring all your emotions into this object and casting them into the fire, fire purifies the soul and emotions. TRY IT.


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