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Are there any really good Feng Shui websites you can recommend?

I’ve recently been really interested in Feng Shui. I’m trying to research it. If you have any tips or websites it would really help me. Thank you.


  1. there are no free websites… most groups are exclusively for fengshui students only, you need an invitation by the master to get in.
    you can buy books esp those written by joey yap, lillian too, eva wong, vince/ vincent koh, raymond lo. the rest are not really about fengshui methods. the bagua method is not a fengshui method.
    the best way tolearn is only to attend seminars held by fengshui masters. because books by authors mentioned above only give you the basic use the method, and does not offer to teach the advanced uses of the methods. and no one book talks about all of the methods.

  2. Business people as well as common folks throughout the world improve all aspects of their lives using Feng Shui. Although the exact origins of feng shui are debatable, it is thought to have originated in China about five thousand years ago. According to Feng Shui cultural and social issues are influenced by natural, metaphysical and cosmological factors.
    Anyone that has researched Feng Shui history knows that this level of interaction between all things is the theory of chi. Although chi is present everywhere, it pools in special places which are very auspicious in feng shui. When a less than auspicious placement occurred, Feng Shui cures were sought to change the flow of energy. This inclusion of nature into the living environment is the first point in Feng Shui and it provides solid ground for higher levels above. The art of Feng Shui is the balancing of energies through adjusting the relationships of particular items in the environment. In Feng Shui, a home and family were lucky if they were blessed to be placed in the most auspicious surroundings.
    More on Feng Shui – http://www.aromatherapy-blends.net/improved-feng-shui.htm
    Chi and Feng Shui – http://www.aromatherapy-blends.net/chi.htm

  3. I can recommend one website http://www.sacredfengshuidesign.com.au which I have been told by my clients is very informative and easy to read, and has over 30 feng shui tips. I am a little biased because it is my site. I am a qualified feng shui consultant specialising in geomancy, space clearing, divination, chinese and western astrology.
    I have also posted my feng shui newsletter on my web page for the Year of the Metal Tiger and what you can expect; plus a free tool to calculate your four pillars (chinese astrology chart). My newsletter also details the feng shui energies for the Year of the Tiger and how to handle them.
    I also give regular tips and inspirational messages on Twitter; you can find me at http://twitter.com/fengshui_expert or you can visit my Feng Shui Forum on Facebook where you can have your questions answered by my group of qualified consultants http://www.facebook.com/pages/Melbourne-Australia/Feng-Shui-Forum/198324986580?ref=ts

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