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are there any REAL documentary type movies like PARANORMAL ACTIVITY or the BLAIR WITCH PROJECT?

Ok well both are great movies cuz the whole fear of the unknown thing.
I’ve heard of the bell witch and I heard that inspired BWP and that the haunting is similar. Why has no one ever snuck on to the property and documented it?
Isn’t there a haunted home people have filmed?
Wouldn’t people want to film haunted places?
What are your thoughts?


  1. I hear yah, good movie for you to watch;” The Fourth Kind” and there are two versions to Paranormal Activity witch most people don’t understand and one has a different ending and also explains that a police department in California released the video just recently in 2009 or 8?- and had it in there possession for years and the video is only modified into a movie length understanding the video timing expands through weeks and the Fourth Kind is very intense and very true takes place in Nome Alaska witch will knock your socks off! The real proof isn’t usually in the movies about a documentary but the actual documentary and files on the incident themselves research in the right places and a guarantee to find what your looking for.

  2. If you want real documentaries about the paranormal, History Channel and Travel Channel are known for making interesting documentaries that are more legitimate than a movie. But ignore shows like Most Haunted, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, etc, that are ”reality” shows where a group of investigators go into these so called ”haunted” locations and film. Sometimes they come up with evidence that can easily be faked. At least the documentaries have info that can be backed up by doing your research.
    The Fourth Kind = fake.
    Blair Witch Project = fake
    Paranormal Activy = fake
    Death of a Ghost Hunter = fiction

  3. Hoaxes, the lot of them. I like the supernatural, I like the occult, but so called “documentaries” or video proof isn’t real and the more of them that get disproved makes the supernatural and occult look more unrealistic as a whole. Basically the shoddy fakes are giving the real stuff a bad reputation.

  4. A haunting in Connecticut is based upon a true story, but I found the documentary to be a lot different than the movie and more believable. Any film documentation or story that is supposedly true will always be under speculation. Ghost Hunters is about the only reality show that films events as they are happening that I would even consider remotely credible.

  5. just watched PARANORMAL ACTIVITY & de last scene scared de hell outa me.. please tell me people if its true.. all those last few shot & de guy being thrown at the camera… after de movie they write such stuff about the dude’s body being found by the police & the Girl’s Body is still unknown & shit stuff…Is that all real??? aren’t they supposed to be fined heavily for spreading such hoax info at the end of the movie..please tell…


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