Home Discussion Forum Are there any proper meditation postures for overweight people?

Are there any proper meditation postures for overweight people?

I want to practice Theravada Buddhism, but I have a bit of a weight problem and this makes it difficult to maintain a proper traditional posture for meditating. Are there ways to overcome this?


  1. Does proper positioning really matter. It is the state of mind that determines meditation not body. Ignore the body and focus on the mind. Any position that you are comftorble in and relaxes your mind is A-OK.

  2. Yes, it’s a bit complicated, but will work wonders for your weight. First lay flat on the ground, bring your legs up so your knees are pointing at the ceiling. Now place your hands behind your head, and using your stomach muscles lift your torso up! Now lay back down. Repeat this many many times.

  3. In meditation, it’s not important how you sit. You can even lie down on your back. Some say you can even do it while standing.
    People tell you to sit down and keep your back straight so that you don’t fall asleep.

  4. The traditional postures came to be traditional because they accomplished certain things that help in meditation. Primarily, they are good for keeping the back straight without strain and and trunk extended so that breathing is free and easy. You can accomplish these things in a chair. You want to sit forward in the chair — avoid slouching always — keep the back straight and the shoulders slightly back and down. Don’t give your back an exaggerated arch. The idea is to find a good position in which you can sit straight comfortably for 30 or 40 minutes.

  5. I am overweight myself, and I can transcend by sitting errect on my sofa. You don’t have to sit in a lotus like yogis do. It’s just a posture that makes you feel stable while resting your hands on your knees. Most yogis don’t have a sofa like I do to sit on, and if they did, it wouldn’t matter to them.
    Whatever is comfortable to you without inducing sleep is what is important. Knowing God is the goal and getting there by hook or crook.

  6. Brian gave you an excellent answer.
    At our local center, people who struggle with traditional postures are encouraged to sit in chairs. For overweight people, this accomplishes several things:
    – Reduces the difficulty some people have with getting down to the floor, or up from the floor
    – Makes it easier to maintain an upright spine
    – Reduces the strain on hips and knees
    I’ve seen quite obese people participate in long retreats by sitting in a chair.
    If you’re determined to sit on the floor, you have a couple of options.
    First, you can use extra cushions to support your knees and bottom. This works, provided that you can insure stability.
    Second, there are various types of “floor chairs” that people can use to provide extra support. Personally, I don’t find these very comfortable but some people like them. Here’s an example:
    Finally, you can talk with the teacher or senior student at your local center. It’s very likely that they have experience in working with all kinds of body-types and physical needs. So they may have some suggestions specific to your situation.
    Best wishes in your practice!

  7. I am over weight so I was wondering Is there any specific site that I could go to to view and or participate in an actuall lesson in meditation? I do a bite of yoga myself but Id like to advance myself but Im not sure where to start.Inalot of videos I have viewed theres always some skinny or in shape person teachinbg the lesson so it doesnt seem like its as hard for them to do as it would be for me.I would just like to know that I am doing it the rite way even tho I am over weight.


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