Home Discussion Forum Are there any pro-life people that believe in astrology?

Are there any pro-life people that believe in astrology?

I was wonder if there were any people out there that were pro-life and also believed in astrology. I would like to know which date you use for horoscopes: the date of birth or the date of conception.


  1. I live according to the influence Pluto has on me…
    No, wait…Pluto is no longer a planet!!!

  2. Astrology for the most part accepts that the beginning of a lifetime is with the first breath. There are a couple random astrologers who have played around with setting charts from the date of conception, but there’s a really big problem with that: how the heck are you supposed to get the exact data you need?
    An astrological chart is based on the date, place and *exact* time of birth. If you were doing a chart for the conception, how could you possibly know the exact time down to the minute? First of all, how do you know which sex act got the woman pregnant? Then you’d have to consider how long the sperms’ journey to the egg took… Even ultrasounds have a margin of error of a few days. There’s simply no way to be as accurate as astrology needs to be with this kind of event.
    PS: Pluto is still a planet, just a different classification of planet (dwarf). 🙂


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