Home Discussion Forum Are there any possibility that psychokinesis or telekinesis do exist?

Are there any possibility that psychokinesis or telekinesis do exist?

.,what are some proofs about this phenomena??.,
.,is it related to the wide capacity of the human brain?

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  1. Unfortunately no,at least I can’t find any evidence of it.Plenty of boasters around but no actual doers.
    Edit.I’ve recieved e-mails from quite a few people.They were eager to demonstrate they could actually do it.Somehow they always let me down.Maybe you’ll have better luck.

  2. There is no clear evidence accepted by the majority of scientists that telekinesis is possible, and I think it is was real we would see evidence of it in our daily lives (for example the casino doesn’t ban people who claim to be psychic or who have mastered telekinesis).

  3. Firstly, there is no possibility psychokinesis exists beyond illusion.
    Secondly, there are biologically no parts of the brain dedicated or even remotely related to anything involving psychokinetic purposes, except for sensory perception, which isn’t in any way specific to psychokinesis.
    All demonstrations of psychokinetic ability are manipulative visual and psychological illusions.
    I am able to duplicate quite readily seemingly real psychokinetic ability under close examination by spectators, which include levitation of self and many objects, and my favourite, metal bending.
    By the law of natural physics and chemistry, the human body and mind is unable to physically manipulate its surrounding environment only using mental processes.
    Genuinely OBJECTIVE truth can only be clearly defined by the laws of science. Therefore to reiterate, psychokinesis does not exist beyond illusion and it is not in any way related specifically to any part of the human brain.
    EDIT: I find it amazing that people claim psychokinesis exists when they cannot do it themselves, know how its done, or have not even visually witnessed any form of live psychokinesis. People who witness my magic even accept it as illusion.
    I’m sure you can see your fail in logic there. It’s like you’ve never gone for a jog and claim that you can outrun a marathon runner. Please reevaluate your evidence and where you intellectually stand about this matter. Otherwise, the One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge is still waiting, and has been for you for a very, very, very long time. I wonder why the millions who claim to have paranormal abilities don’t get their FREE one million dollars.
    Approach the question like this: You only have a yes or no answer whether psychokinesis genuinely exists or not. If you get the answer right, you live, you get the answer wrong, you die with your whole family. What would your answer be?
    I present this question in earnestness, as it highlights the giant shift in answers it would generate about psychokinesis. It’s only when personal stake is at hand you know the weight of the question and how important it is to make up your mind based on proof, and I don’t use the word proof lightly.
    If you state there is “proof”, please present it, and I am also literally pledging 1 million dollars AU of my personal money to YOU, in addition to the One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge, who comes forth with evidence or can prove that they have psychokinetic ability under scientific examination.
    At the end of the day, no one has been and is able to do it. We can speculate about this all day, like we can about the existence of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
    Until proof is presented, ANYTHING limited by your imagination exists only to you when you choose to believe it blindly. It is easy in the case of answering a Yahoo answers question to say that “there may be a possibility for psychokinesis”, and produce a generic crowd warming answer. Very selfish. The questioner is demanding proof.
    It’s the reason why courts demand evidence and documentation, namely for heinous crimes like murders and rape. It’s only when the DNA or other undeniable evidence comes out that we know the TRUTH. I can say this, you can say that, I can say I wasn’t there, you can say I was, and at the end of the day we get nowhere.
    The day proof/evidence comes forth, I will embrace psychokinesis openly and wholeheartedly.

  4. I’ll say the possibility is there, but let me qualify that. PK is an ability that is totally alien to human experience to date. We just haven’t seen it aside from magic acts, and it would represent a huge overturning of how we understand nature. Secondly, despite a great deal of research, the best evidence for PK is represented by tiny statistical anomalies and is mired in debate concerning valid statistical analyses, protocols, controls and so forth. Moreover, nothing we know in science today, including quantum mechanics, would even predict that humans can move things with their minds.
    So while the possibility is there, the probability at this point seems small. As alluded to above, there is nothing at this point which would constitute “scientific proof”, a term that basically means there is so much clear and confirmed evidence for it that it would be irrational to deny it. There is a popular myth that people only use 10% of their brains and which has been commonly used to justify the possibility of PK. However, this myth has been soundly debunked and 100% of our brains are dedicated to a function. They are not going unused.

  5. Sure there is a possibility. I guess you could say there is a possibility that Santa Clause is real too. Its just that there is no evidence. Nobody is able to prove telekinesis scientifically.
    There are a few studies, such as the one at Princeton called PEAR, but the results are questionable, and suggest that the influence you have with PK are so minute as to be useless.
    The bottom line is, there is no reason to believe in it.

  6. Yes, there is the possibility that psychokinesis exist. Yes, there is also many years of supporting evidence from scientific experiments that psychokinesis exist.
    I have provided links to some of the scientific research below.
    Like all scientific evidence it is open to debate (within the scientific community) by people with the appropriate education, qualifications, and experience. These critiques are frequently published in such peer reviewed science journals as the Journal of Parapsychology.
    Science rarely if ever proves anything but it does provide evidence (and thus support) for a hypothesis or fails to provide evidence (support) for a hypothesis. Many findings in science that have been supported by evidence (for example Newtonian physics) has later been overturned, modified, or absorbed into later findings with better supporting evidence.

  7. Possibility is logically often the case, even for very unlikely objects.
    There is a goodly body of competent scientific evidence supporting types of psi, particularly telepathy.
    Movement, kinesis, is a different subcategory of psi. Generally, what is occurring with psi is human intent operating at a level not entirely physical, or “normal.”
    For kinesis or movement, there is good evidence that what might be termed micropsychokinesis occurs. This operates at the electronic level, and rarely is claimed to influence macro objects. This is consistent with quantum mechanical theory.
    http://www.tiller.org is an excellent source of data about micropsychokinesis, using double-checked experimental protocols.
    “Extraordinary Knowing,” Dr. Elizabeth Mayer, gives insight into how groups of humans aware of the same event apparently influence random number generation fields. http://noosphere.princeton.edu has good evidence regarding large-scale events and this change.
    “PK Man,” Jeffrey Mishlove, Ph.D., is about his experiences with a PK-prone individual. Worth reading, anecdotal.

  8. Oh, Good Grief.
    What are the rest of you so worried about? There is a great deal of proof. But let me explain all of the negative… no matter how much one does double blind studies to prove that something exists… There will ALWAYS be people who close their minds and refuse to believe. It is human nature to choose to believe or not to believe.
    There have been many wonderfully researched people with unique talents. All of the people I mention have been documented by well known Physicists and valid research organizations! Just do a search on the web for these names and learn.
    * US Government project called “stargate” part of which [~109 pages] has been
    * Dr. Harold Puthoff at Standford University Research Institute [SRI]
    * Major Paul H. Smith: Remote Viewing
    * Dr. William Braud: Investigations into healing
    * Dr. Helmut Schmidt: telekinesis and random event generators
    Need any more? Watch out for the Kooks and trust your instincts.
    I have read “Randi’s letters about Uri Gellar, et al” Randi is just capitolizing on the fact that people with PSI can’t always prove what they do on a “regular basis”. however, anyone can learn to remote view. That is being in a room, given a coordinate, and finding information at a source you aren’t at…like across the world from you [check out “Mobieus Group” that went in search of lost pyramids.

  9. Telekinesis and psychokinesis exist,,, is it that hard to belive,, the humen beeing is just a host ,,, the spirit do we all have, the spirit can acses the real world and make it possible,, cause we are in the first place spiritual beeings,,, none know what the hiden part of the brain can do,,,

  10. Even if it is not exist… I am giong to make it any where!!!
    when I finish this project, then you will see there is nothing impossible.
    just like Wright brothers who created air ship
    To be a psychokinesis may need many conditions, We may not able to fill them with the natural birth but in some how I think scient may be able to fill the conditions those missed…!!!
    what do you think??
    “Can human fly??” as the same question as “Can human be a psychokinesis?”


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