Are there any Parapsychology Bachelor Degree programs offered online?

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I am interested in perusing another Bachelors degree in Parapsychology. I want to obtain the Bachelors online and finish up for a doctorate with it on campus after. Does anyone know of an online school offering a Bachelors program in Parapsychology…? A link would be great too!

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Jack P

So long as you don’t place a value on the degree being worth the paper it’s printed on there are some such from unaccredited schools available online.


Not from any accredited colleges or universities.
Franklin Pierce University (fully accredited) offers a minor in parapsychology with a major in psychology at the Bachelors level.
Doctorates in parapsychology are not offered (from accredited universities) in the U.S. except possibly by special arrangement with schools like University of California, Berkley that are know for designing and awarding unusual degrees (one in magic).
Also, most people working in parapsychology do not have degrees in parapsychology. They usually hold doctorates in a conventional science (physics, medicine, psychology, anthropology, engineering, etc.). They usually do their dissertation on a parapsychology subject.
Please contact me if you want more information.


I think there are some meditation courses. Yellow bamboo group etc.
But here you have to see that they usually just take your money, and after wards you cant prove a lot if want your money back.


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