Are there any parallel to this concept in other World Religions?

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According to Sanathana Dharmam (a.k.a. Hinduism)–normally when “Aatman”(Soul) jettisons body, depending on the KARMA of the psycho-somatic body, the Soul either gets liberated(Moksham) or enters into another mother’s womb=”Punarapi Janani Jataray Sayanam”=re-birth) to clear off the Karma. But if a Soul does NOT do any bad Karma at all during the entire life and cleared all bad Karma by benevolent, Samaritan activities and penance within one’s own life-time, then the Soul is Liberated (Mukthi=Moksham) once and for all. .The Soul is said to be “Jeevan Muktha”
Acharya(Great Teacher) sri. SANKARA describes how this transformation takes place stage by stage:-
Sat Sangathvay =>Nit Sangatvam =>Nit Sangatvay =>Nir Mohatvam
Nir Mohatvay =>Nischalatvam =>Nnischalatvay> “Jeevan Mukthihi”
Sat Sangam=The devotee goes in search of like-minded devotees, cultivate their company.—Vay = from there go to.
Nit Sangam =gradually they give up human company(“Urvaarugam Eva Bhandhanaath = Just as a ripe cucumber leaves the company of the creeper) and try to cultivate company with the “Supreme Being”(G-O-D=GOD?)—vay—
Nir Mohatvam=company with the Supreme Being enables them to give up attachment to kith, kin, wealth and possessiveness.—-vay—
Nischalatvam = that company with the Supreme Being enables them to treat pain and pleasure equally
Jeevan Mukthihi= then they reach the highest pedestal of “Jeevan Muktha”
In my personal opinion Saint Ambruni(daughter of Ambruna) and sri.Ramana Maharishi (Do not confuse this Saint with Mahesh Yogi ) in 20th century
Are there any parallel concepts in other World Religions?
Philosophical content of Buddhism and Jainism are very related to Sanathana Dharmam(a.k.aHinduism) in general and Advaitham(Non-dualism of sri.Sankara) in particular.Only Semetic Religions have a differnt philosophical base.So the question is whether there is any parallel in semetic religions.
vknaraya(?na):-(quote)According to Sankara, body is ‘naswaram’, mind is ‘anatman’ and soul is ‘nityamuktan’. Then who needs this ‘MUKTHI’ ? Do you have any idea?(en-quote)
Please give the reference and original verse.I shall try to understand and give my opinion on that.

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There’s a simpler version of that in Buddhism, of course. And among Christians, the Albigensians had some vaguely similar ideas. (They were wiped out in a Crusade.)

British Shorthair

Maybe Jainism. Certainly not Buddhism, which explicitly denies the existence of Atman, and therefore reincarnation.


Parallel yes, religion no!
Fifty years from now all religions of the world will be considered a tragic history of the past.
As the new age 2012 approaches humankind is wakening up from slumber and the fourth state of consciousness will be the natural course or outcome of evolution. This is the age of enlightenment. Belief will be replaced with understanding through experience of reality as it is. Soul will never be considered some mystical entity dependent upon the action of the personality again. Soul will be seen as a seed container destined for the Akashic Field for the future fulfillment of the karmic laws. All humanity will realize the ages of karma debts cannot be paid by belief or good deeds. All action is binding to the relative field of existence. Karma is indifferent to good or bad; it is the first law of the universe. New age techniques to step outside the influence of karma are at hand. Asha Rishi Yogi has brought to light revisionary techniques’ to drop the false idea of ego for those with courage and dedication. No longer is it necessary to spend a life time to achieve enlightenment. The absolute and relative fields of being can be integrated in the now. He says, “We are living in an ocean of Source and like a fish there is no reason to be thirsty in a pond full of water”. You will be hearing more of Asharishi Yoga as it spreads around the world.


Some Islams say that they have the equivalent concepts.
Do you know Sankara’s concept about soul has been questioned by Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi? According to Sankara, body is ‘naswaram’, mind is ‘anatman’ and soul is ‘nityamuktan’. Then who needs this ‘MUKTHI’ ? Do you have any idea?

Bill P

in spite of all the great world religions and their teachings, there are
now six and a half billion souls on earth that have not yet reached
Jeevan Muktha. I think prpbably a few have.
I can not cite any reference or verse because the results are
not visible in today’s world. I don’t even know if it is discussed
outside the Hindu teachings.
34 years ago a book was channeled that does aim people in that
direction. It uses christian language rather than Hindu but does
teach of unification of the soul with Creator after all lessons
are mastered. The book is titled, of all things, A COURSE IN
MIRACLES. Defining a miracle as a “change in perception”
The introduction is short:
This is a course in miracles. It is a required course. Only the
time you take it is voluntary. Free will does not mean that you
can establish the cirriciculum. It means only that you can elect
what you want to take at agiven time. The Course does not aim at
teaching the meaning of Love, for that is beyond what can be taught.
It does aim, however, at removing the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence, which is your natural inheritance.
The opposite of love is fear, but what is all encompassing can
have no opposite
Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists.
Herein exists the peace of God.


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