Home Discussion Forum Are there any Pagans here with Shamanistic beliefs?

Are there any Pagans here with Shamanistic beliefs?

I went to a Pagan moot last night for the first time ever. It was quite interesting, and everyone was perfectly friendly, even to a non-believer like me. (That’s right, still an atheist, just one who’s interested in learning. 😉 ) One of the guys gave a short talk on Shamanism and Native American beliefs therein. Just wondering if anyone else here believes that, or has a lot of knowledge about the subject?
To the latest respondent; apparently they just used ‘moot’ as a generic term for a meeting, gathering, etc. I’ll admit I didn’t quite put it down perfectly right; the speaker didn’t generalise as much about Native American beliefs, he was talking about one tribe, the Lakota Sioux I think it was.


  1. not intentionally
    but the more I hear about their beliefs , the more I realise how many of their beliefs we have adopted
    and even more so if one practises “new age” philosophy’s
    for example , I done a therapy course on personal success and motivation
    and the course was full of Shamanic and NA practises …. under different labels
    we made a medicine wheel which was called something different entirely … but every aspect of it was the same with the same purpose
    so yes , although I dont practise Shamanism or NA …. I definitely hold many similar beliefs and practises

  2. I draw from every bit of mythology I can find… There is Truth contained therein. Shamanistic Mythology is no different for me; White Buffalo Woman stories are just as truthful as Anansi stories. That being said, I don’t practice a strict Michael Harner Shamanism.

  3. Traditionally, shaman is a Siberian word. All Native American tribes have words for healers, spiritual leaders, but the general use of the word shaman has only recently been used. If you use the word shaman to many Natives, they will either walk away from you, or politely smile and walk away.
    A healer, spiritual leader is one who ‘walks between the worlds’ and speaks with the spirits and the ancestors. Different tribes have different traditions and ways of doing things and one is trained from a young age.
    The great mistake that too many people make is thinking that all Native American peoples do things the same way. There were over 500 different nations, all with their own unique ways of doing things. Even within the same tribes, different groups did things slightly differently. Our ancestors were the original individualists.
    I hope this helps a little.
    Be well,
    Water Spirit

  4. Intresting combination of practices. I, also, would be very confused because there is very very little in common between, Pagan, moot, Shamanism and Native American. All of these words refer to things unique to themselves and probably should not be used in combination.
    OK, what is a Pagan Moot? I know what a moot is and it is not anything generic. Moot is specific to Heathenism and nothing else, Shamanism is specific to Siberia, Trying to define Paganism is a can of worms, and lumping everything Native American all together is just plain wrong.
    I am not at all suprised this gathering was interesting. Sounds like something New Agers would be promoting.

  5. I’ve done some investigating into shaminism. I found the ideas to be very interesting, but did not find that they fit well with my current practices.
    About the word “moot”. It’s an Anglo-Saxon (Old English) word that simply means “meeting”. As such, the Norse heathens do not have the exclusive use of it.
    A pagan moot is just a gathering of pagans – community support if you will. Here we have “pagan pub moots”, which are social events/meetings for pagans.

  6. true shamanism or any native american beliefs would not be spoken so openly and freely. if you want the truth, go to your nearest rez and see if you are deamed worthy of such knowledge.
    many of these lil “Pagan Moots” as you put it, are just someone who is preaching anothers words. It would be extreamly rare for someone who has any true knowledge and training to speak so openly on this. If true shamanisim was so easly acheived, wouldnt there be tons of them walkin among us today?


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