Are there any pagan religions that do not believe in the existence of magic?





I know that there are pagan religions who choose not to practice magic but they still believe it exists. Are there any that don’t believe that it exists?


  1. there are no religions that do not believe in “magic” the only difference is that incantations and symbolic acts within paganism are deemed “magic” and similar incantations and acts within the abrahamic religions are deemed acts of worship/faith.
    for example the Eucharist (transubstantiation) under any pagan religion would be classed as “magic” how could bread and wine turning into flesh and blood be anything other than Magic?

  2. Generally speaking, Pagans and Heathens deny nothing but question and/or explore everything. Also bear in mind that they may all have a different definition of “magic”, whether they practice it or not. I’m not aware of a single Pagan or Heathen faith path that entirely rules out the possibility of the existence of magic, but since there is no one “right” way to be a Pagan or a Heathen, there may indeed be individual Pagans and Heathens of varying paths who have decided for themselves there’s no such thing as magic, however they have chosen to define it. The definition of, interaction with and understanding of the divine is unique to each individual, as would be other aspects of spirituality.
    Edit: Some Asatruar practice magic. One common form of Traditional Nordic magic is called Seidr.

  3. I used to be really interested in these religions. From what I know, when pagan religions involve a lot of group activity they have more magic, eg in wicca or druidism. However, some witches (called hedgewitches) practice alone and they sometimes choose just to appreciate nature more than practice magic. There is one pagan religion which I don’t know a lot about, Asatru, it’s from nordic origin. They believe in a god and goddess but I don’t know if they practice magic. Might be worth checking.
    A 🙂

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