Home Discussion Forum Are there any negative effects that can be associated with meditation?

Are there any negative effects that can be associated with meditation?

Meditation is regularly recomended to me as a sollution to sress relaited health problems.


  1. Turning into a tree hugging hippie is a bad side effect. As soon as you start burning incense and drinking soy milk, you have a problem.

  2. meditation is not a soution to stress realted problems. all we need is balance between work and leizure. tension occurs on over working. also if we face problems which appear acute and cause tension, meditaion is of no help. it is only an escape. acute problems can be solved by proper thinking and help from reliable and professional persons. meditation appears to be of no use.

  3. I sometimes meditate, if you aren’t used to meditating, doing it for a long time could give youa headache, so I’d start short then work to longer times…I meditate usually when somethings on my mind or I’m sad, or I feel odd or strange(in either a good or bad way)…meditation is to relax yourself, and empty your mind of everything except the subject of your meditation)…or to empty your mind comletetly…something very odd happened yesterday…I was playing “brainage 2” and theres a game where they say 3 words at the same time, and you have to write all 3 words…anyway after I had writen two words, I didn’t know what the third word was…(you can repeat what the say, but they still say all 3 words, so I thought about the two words I had already writen(just thinking about em), and it was almost as if they didn’t even say em, they were like in the background, and before I couldn’t even hear the word…(Kind of off topic, but…I thought it was cool)

  4. Sure there is! If you are not experienced you can be in a hellish world in about a blink! Those whom reccommend it, should know to warn you, thy did not start out on top!
    Im me for a continuincg conversation on this topic! man the list of efects are long! You never get done meditating, and you must learn how!
    The very first thing you encounmter, is your own subconscious! Why not just parachute alone into the amazon jungle basin at its most remote region! You stanfd just as good a chance in surviving yourself!
    No, the truth is to know thyself,. bnut what you need, is to discover someone, like me, whom has been there and can show you how to recognize your present location, and how to start from there!
    Things like asl, occupation, family, home, matrried, single, children, divorced, education, Skill training! Religious dogma, general temperament, of your emotional state! Etc Etc!
    Look down at your feet, and notice how, you only use one at a time, but without them both you cant walk1 This lesson is how you need to learn to treat your own future! Use one now, but prepare for another, for evolution will eat this one, and then create another, etc! This is calld’WALKING”)! iF YOU LEARN TO WALK, YOU CAN TAKE SHORTER AND SHORTER STEPS TO THE NEXT LEVEL! tHIS WILL EVENTUALLY ALLOW YOU TO CLIMB UP THE LADDER AT A RATE , NON WALKERS ARE NOT EVEN AWARE OF!
    Good luck!


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