Are there any negative effects after smudging your home?

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I just smudged my bedroom for the first time, and then went downstairs while my room aired out. Not five minutes after I had sat down my dog limped into the room with a clearly broken paw. I’m not saying that the smudging led to her breaking a paw, but it was an odd coincidence. So does anyone know if there are negative effects or energies produced by smudging or even smudging incorrectly?

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Chicki Smith

I want to know the same thing cause I smudge my apartment for the first time and it was like it had more bad energy


wth is smudging?






Smudging is just burning sage or whatever you use. The idea behind it is that the smoke will lift negative energies and carry them away.
There can be no negative energy brought on by that, but you may have a funny smell for a couple of days afterward.


Thank you so much! I did it 4 times and my doors opened and closed. I just don’t know if they are all gone

Occam's Pitbull

I don’t know the answer to your question – my skepticism tells me that there can be no direct relation between these events. I just wanted to let you know that I reported Report Monkey for his useless answer to your question. Have a nice day.


The stink of burning sage is quite negative, me thinks.


Me and my family are experiencing something that I thought was only seen on movies.. It all started about a month ago, with tapping on Windows during the day and at night. Increased to shadows of people around the windows and doors, we had called the police 4 times in one night but, only proof was security cam footage of shadows. We got more cameras, and put alarms on Windows and doors along with sticks wedged in the windows to prevent them FM breaking window locks and opening. We knew somebody was coming in when we were gone, nothing stolen but things would be turned over, dumped out,or misplaced in ridiculous places. Finally in our building outside we caught a man on top of the shelves with a pointed hat,and white beard and could only stood abt 2 and 1/2 to 3ft tall. I kno it sounds like a ridiculous lie but it’s the truth. The activity is increased so I ordered some white sage, and it’s been in for 2 days now, planning on smudging this weekend. Does anyone have any tips or reasons why I shouldn’t?

Tim H

By practicing divination and thereby inviting the devil into your home, anything bad or evil is possible Where did you the notion that smudging would help anything?


Where do you go to ANY website that does not first say to smudge your house? How did you know about it?


I’m 3/4 Cherokee Indian. My Shaman is a VERY spiritual man and uses smudging for various reasons. They ALWAYS have worked.


Yes. Attempting to clear without permission or authority can lead to complications. Also any thought or feeling of doubt, pride or fear can reverse any good you could have done a few fold.


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