Are there any good occult books on demons?





Aside from Keys of King Solomon’s Templ, Ive read that one
I don’t really see the point of summoning demons. My main goal is how do you defend against should they ever show up? Also how do you defend against alien Abductions?


  1. has tons and tons of books and they have often reviews which tell details about the book.
    Aliens can´t abduct you, don´t worry! If there´s life in space – which is very possible – they don´t find little Earth in huge space.

  2. are you an atheist? do atheist believe in satan, because demons are from satan, so if you dont believe in god, then you cant believe in satan either, then you should not have any concerns in demons either,because like everything else according to the athetist,they dont exist.

  3. by doing the most disturbing stuffs they ever seen entire life…seriously they probably seen all the old defense against them in old day…do you honestly think human are the only ones with brain?…unless they are really, really retarded

  4. Demons and UFOs are the same thing. And demons are everywhere on planet Earth. They even live in the water you drink if is not holy water. Demons are everywhere but they manifest their presence only with the permission of God.

  5. all i know is if a person is a Christian, they have the Holy Spirit. And nothing is more powerful than God, the Holy Spirit, Jesus (the Trinity). it’s a lot to grasp and understand, impossible to know all the answers… but the Bible makes it clear that He is the ultimate victory, and demons can’t actually affect Christians. Jesus is more powerful

  6. I am not convinced that there is active demon activity after the Apostolic times.
    You could try smothering yourself in Vaseline when you sleep so you will slip out of the Alien abduction beam. 🙂

  7. Lester Sumerall taught that demons can only enter us if we allow them to. If somebodies life is full of hatred and violence then they are a candidate for posession. If they are full of the spirit of God, then it is less likely that a demon would be able to do any more than tempt them

  8. Time Life came out with an encyclopedia of demons I read as a kid; pretty cool stuff… I think it was Time life

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