Home Discussion Forum Are there any good magick spell sites?

Are there any good magick spell sites?

i have heard that magick is real from some people and not real i would like to try for myself
any REAL sites that you have used and trust?
books would be fine to
and yes i do have some doubt.


  1. The best spells are the ones you make for yourself. However it sounds as if you already have doubt in it, so there’s a very high chance it wouldn’t work even if you tried.

  2. Any of your paganism or druidism books will generally have some very basic spells and lists of components. If you want to try some left hand magic I would suggest the satanic bible.

  3. Magic? Oh yes, it is very real. Best way to describe it… It is like a prayer that you put out into the universe. Only this prayer is energy that must be used with absolute focus and consentration. There are tools that help you with your prayer. They help you to stay focused, give you direction and keep your mind on what you are asking for.
    Then you have charms, talismins and items that you can focus your prayer into/onto. These items you carry with you. The energy is released slowly, like slow release vitamins or plant food. It helps you to achieve your goal by giving you strength, courage, direction, confidence, will power. Any of which will help you to see the opportunity, put out the right “vibe” or leave your mind open to the possibility that you deserve it.
    Warning: Just be careful what you wish for… it may not be as you would like it to have been. Or it may not turn out as you imagined it would. And if you say “though it harm none, so mote it be” and it doesn’t happen, keep in mind in some small way it would have been harmful to you or another. And most important, what you do will come back to you 7 times as good/bad. So don’t force someone to something that they don’t want. And don’t do anything that would harm another.


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