Home Discussion Forum Are there any good free psychic readings online groups?

Are there any good free psychic readings online groups?

I was wondering if anyone knows of any good groups on yahoo,msn,aol,or any other websites that have free readings such as psychic,tarot cards, aura, etc.? I can’t seem to find much out there. Thank You. 🙂


  1. If this is a psychic emergency please stop asking questions and think 911.
    Seriously I’d love to find a real psychic, free or otherwise.
    Some people of extraordinary ability’s are referred to as psychics but never by themselves. Edgar Casey called himself a medium.
    I tend to doubt psychic claims, but what the heck would I know about it…

  2. try the metaphysical rooms on paltalk – from my expereince the most switched on psychics are subtle, kind, see soloutions (rather than seeing problems) and most of all they have a great sense of humour –

  3. I run a free tarot reading site,
    The site has been open since 2001 and I became the new onwer this year. We do this for free, and we only ask for your feedback.
    We offer our readings in 23 languages at your request.
    English is the default way the readings are sent.

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