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Are there any genuine and accurate psychics or clairvoyants out there ? are they all charlatans & hoodwinkers

There seems to be so many so called psychics,clairvoyants,readers,seers,etc,etc.sending folks false promices in their junk mail here in the USA where they reside.Then have us mail thier payments to either Switzerland or The Netherlands
so as to avoid paying US Taxes.While they keep on robbing us.As soon as you send off one set of money.There comes two and three more letters asking for more,even before you receive your first order.Are there any genuine psychics out there?.

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  1. i believe there are genuine psychics out there, but they are hard to find because they’re usually private people. the true ones who charge for their services usually don’t charge very much and their advertising is always by word of mouth. they have to eat and pay rent, so they may supplement their income by asking for a nominal fee – like having a second job. the red flag for the fakes is usually the crazy advertising. i believe we all have the ability but most are too afraid or skeptical to explore it. i have dabbled a bit but even i am not focused enough to really dig deep and get in touch with it. i have had some psychic success but limited only to a close circle of people… very unfocused. californiapsychics.com is the only place i found word-of-mouth recommendations and ratings. they usually charge, like, $1/min. so if you read a profile you clicked with, i’d give ’em a minute to prove themselves. here’s an article that may help you spot fakes:
    and how to develop your own ability:
    http://www.psychic-mind.com/how-to-be-psychic.php. the whole site has a lot of info. i tried astral projection (it has an article on this) and it was mind-blowing… proven by the person (who was a small child, too young to know to make up a story like that) whom i “visited”. just because conventional wisdom (an oxymoron if i ever saw one) says it’s not possible just means it has yet to be explained. you just gotta keep an open mind and be smart. some would say it’s hard to do both, but you can do it. good luck!

  2. There is a million dollars waiting for the first person that can prove any paranormal ability or event. This has been offered for over ten years and no one has come remotely close.
    Many think that the paranormal is factual or common enough to be routine. Though proof will destroy all the laws of physics. Along with being a shoe-in for a Nobel Prize. You would think someone that could win the Randi prize (for themselves or a charity) would gladly do so and prove to the world that the paranormal is indeed real.
    That has not happened.

  3. Ignore them all! Chuck stuff like that in the trash!
    If you can’t get good advice for free, don’t bother!
    Too many good sites with free information, horoscopes and many people with good intentions.
    Different if you are asking a well known astrologer for a proper reading and you consider it value for money. Otherwise, steer clear of all who want you to pay. Especially the weird ones who attempt to frighten you into needing their advice.

  4. Hello
    Yes there are millions of genuine psychic about.
    The letters that you talk about have never been in the company of a psychic of any kind. They are sent by business folk who know that people will fall for high hopes & promises.


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