Are there any examples of the reincarnation of Satan in the world today?

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I have a co-worker that says President Obama is, along with the majority of America. He compares America today to the downfall of the Roman Empire. He says that is what his preacher and Bible Study group have been discussing.

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HE HAS THOUSANDS OF DEMONS so he doesnt need that till he possesses the antichrist.

Rev. Michael S. Margolin

Satan doesn’t reincarnate but instead invades the soul and mind if you let him.


Satan would have to die before he can be reincarnated.


Funny how all of a sudden your friend’s preacher picks up on this… and when Bush was in office he didn’t? Whatever, every president after Kennedy has been a Satanist.

Yakov Smirnov

I can name some, George W Bush, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh… I could go on but you get my point

Lord Crotch The Womb Raider

Your co worker is either a racist, an idiot or an idiotic racist. I’m going for the last one. Obama is trying to fix this country, whereas Bush fucked it. Fucked it long and hard. Ask him if Bush or Cheney is Satan.
He may counter by saying Obama is the Anti-Christ. Tell him that Cheney is.
Where the hell do you work that has such wack jobs?


No, retard


Your coworker is an inspiration to Noobtards everywhere.

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“re” incarnated implies that something has been incarnate before. There is nothing in the Abrahamic theology that implies that Satan has ever been incarnated (except maybe as a snake).
ADD: I think it is clear to anyone who is over the age of 10 that Obama inherited an empire that was already collapsing. An idiotic, self-righteous former president got us involved in a needless war that is sucking the life out of the economy. The only people who have benefited from the war are the Chinese and Bush’s friends who sell weapons.


my ex wife

Off Grid Granny

George W. Bush.


Isn’t it nice to think there’s a focus group intent on labeling most of us as demons.
*tucks pointed tail up under cape and tries to look innocent*


The enemy is no doubt in the world to deceive, distort and lie .
The enemy has some limited supernatural abilities he utilizes to cause grief and dispair in the world.
He often causes others to be duped as he carries our plans to confuse and undermine the gospel message of Jesus Christ and his finished work of the cross and his resurection.
Laying blame on those that God has ordained to teach., preaach.
A good example is the serpent at the feet of Christ. Seeking to rob and steal the good seed of the gospel as it is sown.


Satan is still alive and kicking, so there cannot be any examples of his reincarnation. Unfortunately, Satan is attacking the world at such ferocity, that believers are needing to strengthen their armour, and atheists are getting sucked up by thousands at a time into Satan’s “holding tanks”.

The First Dragon

Satan was never incarnate, so how can he be reincarnated? He is spirit, not flesh.
Some say that he hated the combination of flesh and spirit that God made in humans, and maybe that is why he rejected God.

Michael B - Repeal Prop. 8!

Yes, the leaders of all the large, pro-homophobia advocacy groups and churches.

Monty q

obama is the president and even tho i dont like him i still think hes doing a good job
i just wish he wood change his mind on abortion


If you are a pre-triber, you will learn who the lawless one is by Fax from Heaven.
your friend


Satan and his demons take the form of many (NOT ALL) preachers who are brainwashing people to believe in things that are the complete antipode of what God stands for.


satan does not need to be reincarnated. he is spirit, and does not have a corporal body, and is eternal.
perhaps someone might cut a deal with him and be a servant of him,
thereby being possessed by him, but that is not the same thing.
obama is a product of america, so if we damn him, we damn ourselves. judge not that you not be judged. shame on the bible study
group, too, because they are all shamed by their judgement.
america is in decline because selfishness is epidemic, and that was a major reason that rome fell apart.
united we stand, divided we fall. how can we be united, if all we think about is our own selfish gain.? obama inherited a diseased america,
that was infected by his predecessors. does he deserve the blame for that, or is he trying to keep the ship from going down.?


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