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Are there any examples of the Buddha being portrayed negatively in any Buddhist literature?

I am curious to see if the original Buddha (Sidhartha Guatamma) is every depicted as being anything but noble in the Buddhist legends.


  1. I’m not aware of any religion that portrays their godhead in anything but the best light. About the closest I’ve run across are Native American tales of Coyote, Kokopelli and other similar trickster gods.

  2. Well that’s an interesting question—I’m trying to think…..
    He is depicted as abandoning his wife and child.
    He is also shown, as a youth, leading a rather effete and sensual life in his palace.
    But once he “hits the road”, no, I don’t think he is depicted negatively.
    He is, however, depicted realistically, and is described physically, which we do not see in the stories of Jesus for instance.

  3. It is in the literature that he left his family, wife and child. He also left his place as prince to seek enlightenment.

  4. Who portrayed? Others? As long as others did not achieve Bhudodaya (enlightenment ) how valuable is their protrayal? If they are enlightened they will not be writing on Budha. It is in the nature of human beings of material plane of consciousness to write about others and not in the mandate of the spriritually transcended souls. Those who are in their spiritual heights have only aim for one single pointed end(ekaagra). Neither this material world nor the planet is of any concern or interest to them. The pursuit is futile and any affirmative results of such pursuits are value less.


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