Are there any clairvoyant/medium readers who could answer a few questions for me please?





please don’t fill up my question of how psychic/intuitive readings are bad…. I’m just looking for answers to a few questions….
Please let me if there are any readers who can spare some time to read for me by IM….I can’t afford a reading since I lost my job so I appreciate any readers who can help out… Thank you.


  1. listen I know you are having a touch time and believe me when i say i have been there.. but when you say you have lost your job… that is really not the issue you needed to discus. I see that is just the part that you are blaming your problems on. let me remind you something. money in itself actually creates problems. by you losing your job you have been given a second chance not just to start over in employment but also in you life especially love life… no amount of money was going to make your love life better only you can. start a list of things you need to accomplish and start working on them tomorrow. i see you not only feeling better about these changes by January but i see you being able to help others by your experience to.

  2. Clairvoyance means clear vision, or clear insight, that I have, however I have no extrasensory perceptions. Seeing as you used the word medium you may be looking for some resolve for having lost a person close to you. Just so you know when the dead pass, there is no more communication from them. You can imagine that they are there with you, but in reality you only have memories of them, and from that you may heighten your feelings of closeness, by believing that you are being haunted. In reality, all you are doing is forcing yourself to deal with the loss by finding unrealistic answers, you don’t have to do that to yourself. If you are emotionally devastated by your loss consider seeing some that can really help you a cognitive therapist (which I am not).

  3. In all seriousness, the answer to your question is no. Such abilities do not exist.
    People who claim to have those abilities are frauds. Not only do they rob people of large amounts of money for bogus “readings,” but they also give people false hope and faulty advice, which can lead to even bigger problems down the road. Don’t make yourself a victim of this sort of scam.
    The only person who can determine your future is you.

  4. i will try.
    i need your name, social security number, mothers maiden name, checking account and routing numbers.

  5. If you trust people you can’t see and don’t know, even if they ARE clairvoyant (which they’re not), you will fail at life and live alone forever and your chances of getting laid will plummet.
    Have a nice day.

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