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Are there any clairvoyant psychics who could do a reading for me regarding life/love questions please?

Not looking for mini 3 second reading, seeking insight regarding my questions. Also, I rather have my replies emailed if at all possible. Thank you.


  1. Why don’t you pick up a tarot deck and start there.
    Lots of people will help you interpret the layouts for you if you ask for help with the interpretation on this site.
    Get a deck you think is pretty, shuffle while thinking specifically about what you want to know, and then when the deck locks up, lay them down. The cards will tell you a story, or give you an equation, in order to provide you with insight.
    Each card has a separate meaning, just as words and numbers do. When they are combined they add up.
    The insight the cards will relate will come from your soul.
    Give it a try. To work with something tangible, so you don’t have to be at someone’s mercy who’ll feed you a load of horsemanure . Test it out. It should feel logical when you study the images.

  2. Hi ,
    Let me introduce myself, My name is Shiv. I am a practicing astrologer from New Delhi, India. I specialize in doing astrological predictions and solutions.
    To be able to predict , I need to know your
    first name, i.e. as per official school/government records
    place of birth,
    date of birth
    city you are staying in.
    If you give me the names of your boyfriends and I will be able tell you who is the best for you in terms of a) friendship b) marriage.
    My first prediction will be absolutely free.
    My email id is meeting_india@yahoo.com
    I will revert back in 2-3 days time.

  3. The card in the center represents the present status or challenge of the relationship. The Hanged Man, when reversed: Life in suspension. Selfish, materialistic, and untrusting attitudes. Unwillingness to make necessary sacrifices. Going along with the crowd, and refusing to hear the inner voice. Concessions and appeasements that backfire.


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