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Are there any churches out there that embrace Reincarnation or the thought of it co mingled with scripture?


  1. No, because Scripture doesn’t support reincarnation. The Bible says “It is appointed to each man to die, and then there is judgment.”

  2. A Methodist minister friend of mine was a devout Reincarnationist, but as he told me, most Christians won’t accept the fact that Jesus actually taught reincarnation. Most Christians even refuse to believe that original Judaism has long accepted reincarnation as a gift from God. You might want to watch this video by a rabbi, if you’re interested: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mM8dn68vgD8
    You will find Reincarnationism in Kabbalism and Judaism. Reincarnation is also accepted among many members of the Unitarian church.
    There is an organization called the Liberal Catholic Church which is open to Theosophy ideas such as reincarnation, and in some areas of the country you may find “Theosophy Churches”. Another is the Essene Church of Christ. These sites might have info that interests you:
    As my Methodist Reincarnationist friend said, faith isn’t required for reincarnation to be true. Not even awareness of reincarnation is necessary. You can know what you know, study related books on the subject and still attend the church of your choice if you wish.


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