Home Discussion Forum Are there any Christians who are into New Age concepts?

Are there any Christians who are into New Age concepts?

Just curious.
If so, what are they? And how do you associate yourself with them. (Ex. crystal healing, chakra meditation, and so forth).
I’m not trying to start a what-is-right-or-wrong argument on New Age ideas, i’m just interested in various aspects from people.
I’d like to see answers from other beliefs also.


  1. No, Christians do not get involved in the occult,and even though it is still being called “new age ” it is old.

  2. I’m a Christian, and I believe in the power of affirmations. I learned about affirmations at the local Unity church (which is not my actual church, but I visit Unity a lot). Several of my New Age friends also believe in affirmations. I also do chanting of various types. I own some crystals, but mainly just because I think they look neat.

  3. I don’t consider myself Christian but my husband does and we both believe strongly in New Age concepts. When studied properly you will find that God gave us everything we need down here on Earth.
    meditation is similar to prayer. crystals, oils and energy work are all created by God.
    New Age tends to be more ancient than “New”.

  4. Hi! I would consider myself a christian and believe in New Age concepts. Which ones? Phew, there’s a lot! I’m a staunch believer in reincarnation, karma, planetary sojourns, sacred geometry, meditation, charkras, DNA clearing and much more! I loooove Egyptian culture and really think they had more knowledge than what the history books supply. I also love to study the Mayas, Aztecs, Hopi Legends, possibility of an “Atlantis,” Babylonia and other ancient cultures. I kind of just dove into it all a couple years ago, but my mind become a sponge when it comes to these sorts of things. Hope I answered your question correctly.

  5. I am very interested in new age thought. Granted, some of it seems loopy to me. Since I don’t believe that any one religion has gotten the universal truths down and dead to rights, though, I think it is only healthy to expose yourself to as many different types of thought as possible. Also, as a female, I find the current neo-pagan surge a comforting balance to the primarily male-centric Judeo-Christian religions.


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