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are there any books that help you with strengthening your telepathy with another person?

me and my friend tend to have the same thoughts and emotions when we’re not even around each other, we want to see how far this psychic stuff could go


  1. First you need to make sure that what you are experiencing is telepathy and not coincidence, obviously you are two young people that share the same friends and interests so it is not surprising that you should sometimes be thinking about the same thing.
    Maybe you could start the test by when you are apart writing down what your thoughts or feelings are every twenty minutes or so and then comparing them with what your friend has written.
    Good luck with your experiment.

  2. I strongly agree with Jonquill. If you indeed have such an ability. the best way to strengthen it would be to put it to the test and see what you can do.
    What I mean by putting it to the test is to devise good tests that avoid the major pitfalls, e.g., no vague or easy predictions, no biasing, etc. This can be hard to do. Comparing emotions isn’t a very good test because they are very subjective. Comparing thoughts is better, but you need to be thinking of something very specific. Zener cards have been devised for such a test and I think they would work out well for you. They are simple and specific and make it very easy to know if you are correct or not. You can even make your own by printing them out (see the link).
    Here’s a very informal test but one which might give you some insight. Arrange with your friend so that both of you are thinking of a certain Zener card at a certain time, say, 7:00 pm, 7:15, 7:30, 7:45 and 8:00 pm. Be sure to write it down. At 8:15, call each other on the phone and compare your “hit rate”, or the number of successes out of the 5 trials. Do this every day for a week and tally up your results. If you don’t have any abilities, your success rate will be around 20% or so. If you’re up around 50% or so, then you might have something significant and should do some more formal testing. 7 runs are not very many to establish statistical significance.
    Good luck! Let us know the results, it would be good to discuss them.

  3. You should not try to strengthen that telepathy that you have. It can lead demonic spirits to become attracted to you and your friend.

  4. There are many books that will help you develop psychic abilities of one kind or another. BUT, why do you need them?
    Our thoughts are like radio waves and just like radio waves there is always a transmitter and receiver.
    When our thoughts ‘join’ it is because we are literally on ‘the same wavelength’ and that does not need strengthening.
    The ability will get stronger as your affection for each other gets stronger and it will equally weaken when you become less fond of each other.
    There are many, many stories about wives and girlfriends of servicing soldiers during the two great wars who, although many miles apart, knew what was happening to each other.
    And that is just the tip of the iceberg as far as proof of telepathy is concerned.
    Just stay as you are and let your feeling grow for each other and so your unique abilities will get stronger.
    And do not worry yourself about demonic influences and such. What you have is perfectly natural and is nothing to be frightened of.


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