Home Discussion Forum are there any aura cleaners around here or someone else who believes...

are there any aura cleaners around here or someone else who believes in astrology?

i am searching for someone with high spiritual beliefs or interest in tarot cared reading, crystal abll or aura cleansing


  1. I offer an Aura Cleansing service. It is $199.95. I know it’s a little steep, but can you really put a price on a clean aura?

  2. You might want to try the Science & Mathemathics category, under which you’ll find an “Alternative” forum, which includes Paranormal and Parapsychology. Few people seem to know about this area of YA, but you might get better responses to this sort of question over there.

  3. Black tourmaline stone and clear quartz during meditation. You can sit the stones before you or hold them in your hand, or if you have an altar of sorts (can be makeshift) you can use it. I find that patchouli and vanilla incense burned at the same time stimulates the cleansing and deep meditation process. A good spiritual incesne that combines both is Sri Govinda incense. You can order it from major incense suppliers online. Sometimes when you find yourself dwelling on past happenings, especially mundane things that happened years ago, feeling unusual amounts of shame or guilt when conditions do not warrant such emotions…your self is purging automatically. Just like we eat and poop/pee, our consciousness does the same thing on a deeper, spiritual/metaphysical level. The ritual with the stones and the incense is like a spiritual laxative to help things along. Fasting for a few days (still taking water and tea) also helps during the process.

  4. These are enticing bylanes in the travel on the path to realization. People with high spiritual beliefs shun such practices most of which are autohypnosis. One gets a high and starts imagining things. Best avoided.
    Aura cleansers take the gullible to the cleaners.
    My suggestion will be to avoid these as poison.

  5. A quick and easy way to cleanse your aura is to swim in the sea or bathe in salt water. I add coarse salt to my bathwater. Salt releases healthy negative ions which help with the detoxification of your aura.
    Here is another easy DIY aura cleanse:
    Add one cup of Epsom salts and ten drops of lavender essential oil to your bath. The salts purify your energy vibration and the lavender oil balances it. While soaking in the tub, visualise in your mind all stuck energy and negativity washing away and affirm that you are being cleansed and healed.


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