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Are there any alternative healers on this site that I could talk to?

by Purplerain.x:

Bio-energy, people who heal with the angels..
I have some questions. (:

Answer by Passionate Surrender
Angel worship is forbidden in the bible;


  1. Yes, I use an alternative medicine. If you want ideas on how to get healed, first you need to get a little high. Cause gettin’ high makes you smart and gives you special ideas.
    This is a really good idea.

  2. Yes, absolutely! I’m just starting out, so I charge very low fees! Just send me your billing information and we can get started.

  3. hi, im saying this from my own personal exp ,i would suggest you look up spiritual healers from a local spiritual church,or from a shop who have a restroom to carry out the healing. i have recieved some healing myself and its helped me a great deal,if you se a regestered healeing group or a shop in the phone book ask to see a local healer and it will be a lot better for you and surpied to see you looking on here as most of the people are ,well mad as hatters ha ha . good luck.


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