Are there any actual careers in Parapsychology?





I’m really interested in it and would like to at least take some courses on it in high school, but is it just a “TV career” or do people actually have this job?
in college,* not in high school.


  1. There are very few full time paid positions in parapsychology. Most people conducting parapsychology research teach in their area of education (usually a conventional science degree) and conduct research with grants and other outside funds.
    Yes, there are universities that offer parapsychology degrees and courses most of them are outside of the United States. Franklin Pierce college in the US offers a minor in parapsychology with an undergraduate major in psychology. However, many universities (in and out of the US) will allow you to do a dissertation (Ph.D.) or thesis (Masters) on a parapsychology topic.
    Several people on television including Ryan from Paranormal State and one of the Klinge brothers from Ghost Lab have journalism degrees and that is much more about the show and rating than the science.
    However, there are actual scientist working in the field of psi and most are members of the Parapsychological Association (link below).
    There of course have been major findings and replications in psi research consistently since the 1930’s and are published in the appropriate peer reviewed science journals.
    You should find the links below helpful and informative.

  2. There are very, very few parapsychologists actually working as parapsychologists and being paid to do it, and pretty much all universities world-wide have dumped whatever parapsychology programs they may have offered for the very simple reason that parapsychologists never found anything to study. There’s nothing there. There are no courses on it in high school or college. As close as you’ll get is a real science like psychology or physics. If you want to be a research scientist, get a PhD in a real science and then apply it to anything you want.

  3. Not really,I’ve checked this out as I wanted to do a degree in it but without chance of making a living out of it I couldn’t afford to pay the loan back. They’re very few and far between….apart from the obvious telly career(which are like gold dust)you could also teach it,but then there’s not a big demand. If you’re that interested in it then you will need to see it as a hobby unfortunately.

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